Best Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Feeling tired of filing those bunches of papers and records? Looking for practical solutions that can help you manage entire HR activities at your fingertips? If the answer is affirmative, here’s a simple, but powerful solution that would enable “Paperless” internet archived records and management for your organization – Human Resource Management System (HRMS)!

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) enables paperless archive and management for human resource within your organization. Comprising a bunch of modules, it provides access to some of the most interesting features to the employees as well as to the organizations to maintain different information like leave, time, attendance of the employees and recruitment, training, performances, benefits, and other details at a click of your mouse.

Employees plays crucial role in the success of your business and therefore, managing such crucial organization assets is imperative. HRMS from Brainvire includes different modules for personnel (such as leave, time, attendance and more) and organization (such as recruitment, training, benefits, performance etc.) information providing multiple access.

Glimpse Of Features…

  • Leave, time or attendance – manage everything at your fingertips!
  • Let the employees raise their leave requests, travel requests or requests for the needed assets and get instant reverts from the reporting manager and HR department within a couple of hours. Just tap login tab and fill up the desired details of the leave, assets or anything you want!

  • Let the designations, departments and managers be in sync with each other
  • Now, manage the resources like managers, departments, designations and more at your fingertips. All you’ve to do is to purchase HRMS and let your reporting managers, company admin and HR managers collaborate smoothly to recruit, train and designate the newly joined employee on the go.

  • Track, monitor and manage performance evaluation and appraisal requests!
  • Want to measure the performance of the employee? Want to evaluate how effective a specific employee is? Now get it done on the go. Track, monitor and manage the performance of the employees and approve or reject the appraisal requests like never before!

  • Streamline HR Activities!
  • The days are gone to spend hours managing and tracking different activities and requests regarding leave, new joining, required assets and more. Now manage travel, manage leave, manage asset requests and manage employee details within a few seconds. Manage your employees, track their performance, identify their needs and fulfill their requirements in an effective manner!

  • Asset tracking simplified!
  • No need to wait for the needed instruments or equipments to perform you task! All you’ve to do is to raise request at a single click of your mouse with the HRMS and let the reporting manager and HR manager to approve it.

  • Enterprise-level capabilities
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing has introduced a huge shift in the technology era. Leverage from the enterprise-level capabilities like SAP integration & extensive support for cloud computing to help organizations manage resources through out-of-the-box SAP integration and cloud computing features and more with HRMS.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Get an edge over the competitors with cutting-edge technology like Windows Azure and other out-of-the-box platforms to bring unique and compelling user experience at a reasonable cost…!

  • Redefine your official tour experience!
  • Plan your official tours and let the concern department approve and handle all the other travel related tasks like booking tickets, tracking travel expense and all the other things with powerful and effective travel management module!

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