Java Programming

When it comes to building a complex application, Java is the most trusted technology. In many versions such as J2ME, J2EE and so on, Java has power to straighten robust applications that would yield continuous profit for your organization. It is flexible and the applications built using Java scale along with your business.

GMI has a proven expertise in Java/J2EE, J2ME and web services, GMI has a remarkably strong Java/J2EE development team spanning across diverse parts of the world. Catering to some of the top-notch clients, coming to GMI is like coming home for Java application development. Our expert team quickly understands your need and exceeds the level of expectations on your dream project.

Our services comprise of the following:

  • Custom Java software/web development
  • Java product development
  • Java enterprise application development
  • Java application maintenance
  • Software testing services
  • Application migration/ re-engineering
  • Application Integration
  • Development of corporate Intranet and Extranet
  • Desktop Interface Portals, and much more
  • Mobile application development for Java supported platforms

Why GMI?

  • Design, development, testing, implementation, all under a single roof
  • Pool of talented and experienced resources
  • Quick development with the help of latest tools and frameworks
  • Quality solutions at affordable price
  • Scalability, flexibility and robustness ensured
  • Interactive development methodology

Why Java is lucrative?

Java web programming is a general-purpose, concurrent, class-based, object-oriented language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It follows the mantra “write once, run anywhere”. Being one of the portable and classic languages, Java programming secures a reliable position across the globe.

Java web programming is currently one of the most popular programming languages used in developing fast, secure and engaging applications of every nature. Java web development has been tested, refined, extended, and proven by a dedicated community. And numbering more than 6.5 million developers, it’s the largest and most active on the planet.

 What makes Java special is its ability to let you write special programs called applets that are easily downloadable from the internet and run safely over a web browser. It’s free and up-to-date as it belongs to a strong development community. Various Java frameworks such as spring framework architecture, Struts web development, hibernate framework programming, etc. can be used for sophisticated, quick, and cutting-edge J2EE web development.

Advantages of Java development

Java technology enables developers to engage in rapid application development. Being the best solution development technology for enterprises, Java technology:

  • Supports robust, flexible, scalable and easy to maintain desktop and web applications
  • Enables building secure and lightweight web application using various J2EE Frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc
  • Easily integrates with technologies such as Ajax, DWR and Extjs etc. for high bandwidth benefit and fast performance
  • Facilitates extensible plug-ins development for the existing J2EE applications
  • Supports migration and porting of  different architectures
  • Supports migration of your software solutions to Java/J2EE platform
  • Supports quick migration of your application servers to Java/J2EE platform (e.g. apache, jboss, web logic, web sphere etc)
  • Offers a plethora of ways for setting up a Java architecture suitable for your business
  • Enables J2ME-based solution and application development
  • Facilitates performance tuning

Our mantra

GMI acquires a team of Java specialists who are well-trained in Java-based technologies such as Struts offshore services, J2EE web programming, Spring Java web programming and developing hibernate applications. We employ clear communication methodologies. We also support offshore Java web development and serve prestigious clientele across the globe. Providing timely delivery and cost-effective solutions is our mantra.

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