SocialCitNet is a quick and efficient tool that helps analyze a patent’s citation network to identify the most important patents in that network. Patents contain references to relevant prior art, including other patents. These references are called citations. Central Patent can be divided into two-Backward citations and Forward citation. Backward citations of a central patent are the references cited by the central patent. Forward citations of a central patent are the patents that refer to the central patent. Citations are provided by the inventors as well as by the patent examiners. By utilizing knowledge hidden in citation information, it introduces a new approach to search patent databases and to build and analyze technology landscapes. It enables a user to understand the technologies in vogue. SocialCitNet not only gives the quick and efficient results for patent’s citation network but also shows how strong your portfolio is. Moreover, it helps you figure out the top patent in technology landscape

Who is this tool for?

SocialCitNet is for Individual Inventors, IPanalytics, R D departments, Investors, thinkers etc .

Technical Specifications

Frontend: PHP5, J2EE 1.4 Backend: Mysql 5


The input formats for USPTO and ESPACENET are slightly different, as follows:

  • USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office): SocialCitNet (USPTO) requires the numeric patent number and depth as input. It can take only US Patent numbers (granted) as input. Also, the output citation network contains only US patents (granted as well as applications)
  • ESPACENET (European Patent Office): SocialCitNet (ESPACENET) requires the complete patent number (including the country prefix and the kind code suffix) and depth as input. It can take patent numbers from multiple countries as input. The output citation network contains patents from multiple countries.


SocialCitNet output consists of the following:

  • citation network diagram.
  • Lists of patents ranked on the following:
    • PDNI (Patent Dependency on Network Index)
    • NDPI (Network Dependency on Patent Index)
    • ECCI (Ego-Centric Citation Index)
  • Radar plots of top 20 patents in each category (PDNI, NDPI, and ECCI).

Key Features of SocialCitNet

The features of SocialCitNet are as follows:

  • Inventors can find out the patents on a particular technology to be built.
  • It helps build the technology landscapes.
  • Organizations can check the position of their invented products in the market.
  • Allows preliminary keyword-based and classification search
  • Identify core inventories.
  • Provides the description of in-demand technologies, which helps investors, invest in a particular area.
  • Builds on Integration and Intersection network in citation.
  • Dashboard, which keeps track of your latest searches.
  • Viewing and downloading the result for your future reference.
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