Regulatory pressures, cost hikes, increasing patient demands, data storage issues etc. are dominating the healthcare sector today, making it difficult to survive in the industry. However, on the contradictory, never before has life science practices brought amazing opportunities amid so many challenges. Challenges are one thing. Opportunities are another. We help you gain in both the situations. Eliminating healthcare challenges while leveraging earning and advanced patient-care opportunities, we, at GMI, possess a team of experts acquiring deep-domain expertise in developing niche health industry solutions.

Our portfolio and capability includes:

  • Complying with many regulatory changes
  • Improving clinical outcomes
  • Transforming legacy systems into modern-day, patient-centric solution
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  • Digital strategy
  • Electronic health record maintenance

We offer customized healthcare web portal development services and have also developed a range of comprehensive suites that will help you streamline your business while extracting profit at every step.

Our products are as follows:

iHMS: Hospital Management System (iHMS) is a powerful, web-based hospital end-to-end solution that satisfies Financial, Clinical and Administrative needs giving a panoramic view of each department, in the hospital.

iPMS: Pharmacy Management System (iPMS) is a versatile pharmacy management system that improves and automates every major pharmacy process.

iLMS: Lab Management System (ILMS) is a modern web-based hospital laboratory management system that provides the benefit of efficient operation handling, enhanced administration and control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability.

iCMS: Clinic Management System (iCMS) carefully handles all clinical requirements including easy storage and retrieve of clinical information, print graphical reports, easy billing, easy claims, etc.

We have been there and done that!

What makes us stand out is our first hand experience. Our developers have worked closely with healthcare conglomerates for best   health care web design, experiencing the challenges faced by the modern-day life science practitioners.

Business remodeling is the first step towards dealing with business and regulatory pressures. GMI’s business transforming consultancy service guides you through the rough phase of business and provides the perfect solution, understanding your business.

We offer strategic planning services to develop global vision for future businesses. Our solutions are specialized and cater to every region of the healthcare industry including hospital, pharmacy, laboratory, clinics etc.

Over a period of time, GMI has developed expertise in healthcare domain and serves its client with niche applications.

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