Travel Ecommerce System


Do you run a travel agency? Do you specialize in providing travel services for events? Do you intend to offer travel and hotel packages for people willing to attend events? If the answers to all these questions are yes, this tour management system will prove as a blessing for your business. So, whether your customers want to attend fairs, musical concerts, plays, sports events or business conferences, this holiday booking system serves for all of them. Here are some of the most important features of this travel eCommerce system…

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This event and travel system will be like a boon to your customers when it comes to seeking information about events and hotel packages. You can provide all the information right from the events and tickets to accommodation and prices. You can also write them in different tabs so that your customers can quickly access it.

Customers can book tickets for events using this online ticket booking system by filling up their name, email address and phone number. For the third party ticket generation, ticket evolution integration has been done. So, the backend travel management is with ticket system integration like Ticket Evolutions.

This easy to use travel agency booking system can help you book travel and hotels for accommodation for your customers. Once he books event tickets, he can access the list of hotels. When he selects hotel, he will get the information like ‘things included in package’ and ‘accommodation dates’. Once he selects the occupancy, the price per person gets displayed along with the total price. Then after, he can select the number of rooms based on which the total price gets displayed. He can also select the additional tour options and know the final price.

Customers can do either full or partial payment. All they have to do is select the type of payment and then click on ‘Book now’. There is merchant gateway integration with subscriptions and multiple milestone based payment which supports, Stripe and PayPal payment systems.

The cart page shows event tickets and hotel package; the former is shown along with the event name, location, date and time and number of tickets, and the latter one is displayed along with occupancy type and additional tour options along with the total price and final balance.

The system asks for the billing and shipping address, traveler information, type of bed and credit cart details. Fill up these information and click on Place Order.

This page displays thank you message and also contains all the details on single page so that customers can check if they are correct.

All these above mentioned frontend features are for backend too which helps in customized order creation and admin can edit the orders.

This travel eCommerce system is the one stop solution for all the travel agencies who specializes in providing travel packages for events. The system helps to streamline the process right from providing information to customers to book event tickets and accommodation. If you are looking out for the software that can enhance your business process, our travel eCommerce system is perfect for you.