3 Reasons To Choose Node.JS Over Java For Enterprise App Development

Enterprise app development is touching the spikes. Almost every enterprise of varied industry verticals are riding the same wave to gain momentum in the technology world. To tap the potential of the enterprises to the fullest, alongside app development the right choice of technology is also important.

3 Reasons To Choose Node.JS Over Java For Enterprise App Development

The same battle between Node.JS and Java for enterprise app development is going for years. Both frameworks have specific tools that proves them best in the programming world. Java is packed with IDEs, debugging features, threading capabilities and arsenal of libraries, but legacy overhead and relatively low development speed makes it less preferable choice for the modern web app development.

The drawbacks of Java popularized the Node.JS development. Another advantage that Node.JS has is it allows JavaScript to write on both the client side and the server side, and most of the full stack developers use their existing talent for back-end server coding. It’s a great add-on in improving developer’s productivity, application maintenance and increase time-to-market.

Besides, there are more lucrative benefits the Node.JS offers over Java. So let’s take a glance at them:

1) Wide acceptance

Node.JS is the favorite framework of worldwide developers. As aforementioned the language is easily understood by .NET developers and Java programmers because they are agreeable in working with JavaScript and easily deployed Node.JS on both Unix and Windows infrastructures. The wide acceptance and neutrality enable easy and fast development of the applications.

2) Provide a non-blocking I/O API

In server side programming languages, concurrency is tough that resulted into poor performance. This problem is not there with Node.JS development because of its event-drive architecture and non-blocking I/O API that in turn increases application scalability and throughput. When developers write simple code, Node.JS uses an event loop in the place of processes to allow the application to scale.

When callbacks are defined, at the end of callback definition the server repeatedly enter into the event loop and exits when no more callbacks left to be performed.

3) Ready for enterprise deployment

The event-driven architecture enable Node.JS application to scale well. Plus, the language does not have steep learning curve and developers can easily pick up the JavaScript, thereby enterprise app development and deployment becomes easy. Even, the leading organizations have used Node.JS because of its scaling and secure capabilities.

The last word

Node.JS has gone mainstream in the enterprise app development projects because today enterprises need to update the application as per the market trends wherein they are required to innovate and scale quickly on the back-end alongside maintain the security and stability of the system that’s already in place.

This is not the case with Java, at the back-end server API generator, implementing the features using Java version takes a long time.

Node.JS is not replacing other programming languages, but certainly it has taken an important place in enterprise app development and that’s here to stay. If you are about to build an application for your enterprise, you can start with Node.JS development without giving a single thought.

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