4 Effective Guidelines to Enhance PHP Application Development

PHP is one of the most popular and ever green scripting languages to develop websites and web apps. Since its inception, the field of PHP application development has been advancing. With emerging frameworks, PHP is becoming even more popular. As it is open source and free, it is being widely used across the world. Its easy syntax has made it the favorite of web developers. Also, businesses are more inclined towards PHP to get the web based application built for their business.

php application development

If you are planning to get a web based application built for your business, you should definitely go for PHP. There are a lot of companies that provide the PHP application development services. So, hire the one that offers the best services in the least price. This post has some of the most important tips to enhance PHP application development process and you should share these with the professionals you hire to get your business app developed.

Documentation, coding standards and naming convention:

To begin with, one of the most important tips is to add meaningful comments to your code so that you can refer it later. It also helps other programmer to understand your code. So, proper documentation and indentation is really important. If different programmers are working on different modules of the same project, it is extremely important for all of them to follow the standard coding guidelines to achieve seamless performance. When it comes to names of variables and functions, you must use either company’s naming suggestions or as suggested by web and then stick to it. Use meaningful names which are grammatically correct.

No short tags, no extra copy variables, no trusting users:

Using short tags due to laziness is a sign of unprofessionalism, so it is advisable not to use short tags. If you use the same pre-defined variables, it will affect performance as well as storage efficiency adversely. Moreover, put validations and keep an eye on user inputs to protect your mobile app from hackers.

Loops, single quotes and error reporting:

Using too many loops make program really complicated. Also, it increases the chances of errors and becomes difficult to decipher the code. If you don’t put single quotes in array indexes, the HP interpreter will consider it constant which will hinder proper execution. Also, you must turn on error reporting during development. However, don’t forget to switch it off before the final delivery.

DRY technique, OOPS concepts, forums, IDE and manuals:

DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) technique is one of the most popular coding concepts so as to keep away from the redundant code. Make the use of OOPs concepts so as to make your code reusable, organized, flexible, modular and easily debuggable. Also, make use of IDE and PHP manual and join PHP developer forums.

Now that you are aware of some of the best tips and tricks for PHP application development, make sure you share these with PHP developers, so as to build a success app for your business. Good luck with that!

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