5 Benefits That ReSharpers’ Latest Version Bring About

ReSharper- the well-known Visual Studio extension was developed for .NET developers to analyze the code quality on the fly, get warning when there is a problem in the code and eliminate it automatically, and change the code base to revitalize legacy code alongside comply the coding standards.

5 Benefits That ReSharpers’ Latest Version Bring About

To ensure that Visual Studio become a best IDE, the extension was upgraded many times by the Jetbrains to turbocharge the .NET development. Recently, ReSharper 9 version was launched to boost coding process, quicken bug fixing and reduce memory consumption.

Take a look at what’s new in latest ReSharper release that’s absent in its predecessors and which is catching more eyeballs:

1) Visual Studio version support

ReSharper is universally accepted as a plugin for professional Visual Studio IDE. The plugin is highly useful for the IT engineers who develop the object-oriented solutions in C# programming languages. In the previous version of ReSharper, the Visual Studio version from 2005 to 2013 were supported, but ReSharper 9 has stopped supporting Visual Studio 2010 predecessors and started supporting Visual Studio 2015.

2) Code analysis improved

The great tool seek and highlight the compiler errors, code smells, redundancies and runtime error before developer start executing or debug their project. Previously, ReSharper can inspect 1400 codes, but after the upgrade, it can analyze over 1700 codes on-the-fly for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Type Script and other technologies. Besides, fix in support for quick fixes is increased from 40 to 79.

Also, developers can easily migrate the code to C# 6.0, find and prevent exceptions, convert loops to LINQ anytime and use common naming standard.

3) Code style assistance enhanced

The set of code convention rules, type layout and naming practices are already defined in ReSharper to maintain the coding standards. In ReSharper 9, if there is any violation in the naming style in the file, project or solution name, then they will be auto-corrected. The specific code block reformatting is also possible in JavaScript and TypeScript.

4) Navigation and search become smarter

Just by visualizing the file structure, style hierarchies and project dependencies, developers can find out the code. Yes, with ReSharper, developers can immediately reach any code, file, class or method by its name, despite how large the file is. Even, they can navigate from any symbol to code at ease. In ReSharper 9, search performance is improved and Assembly explorer is set as default navigation for compiled code.

5) Refactoring

The availability of dozens of refactorings enable developers to seamlessly change the code base without impacting its external behavior. In ReSharper 9, 40+ refactorings and 200+ context actions are added for JavaScript and TypeScript to organize the code and move it around the solution safely, decrease complexity, distribute responsibility and decouple.


The radical improvements in ReSharper 9 version has made the job of software developers quite easier. Alongside providing unmatched support to the diverse language scripts, ReSharper is the best solution for Visual Studio developer to write better code, analyze it effortlessly and refactor the existing code base. Do you know some more benefits of leveraging ReSharper 9 in .NET development? If yes, do share them in comments below.

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