5 Reasons To migrate Your HTML Website To WordPress

Reasons To migrate Your HTML Site to WordPress Site

Two decades back, having an online presence is like taking the world by storm for the businesses.

I think you got my point…(big grin)

Yes. The websites were complex, just display static content and browsing experience was not even pleasurable, but they are good for the businesses. There was no website in place where the website content can be changed dynamically.

These websites were designed using static HTML code, and scripts and styles were also coded using HTML frameworks that leads to the low performance.

But, with the pace of time, the scenario has changed. The customer’s habit of consuming the content has changed, and businesses need to modify the web content and enhance the website has emerged.

Businesses wanted to upgrade the website to change the website content whenever they want. This need give birth to the advanced technologies, leveraging which the web content can be altered dynamically.

There onwards businesses begin converting the existing HTML websites into WordPress.

WordPress? You might have heard about the popular blogging platform, but it’s also considered best for developing scalable and dynamic websites, and offers an array of benefits to the businesses.

This made many businesses to make the leap for solving the issues their website is facing.

The conversion of static HTML into a WordPress website is plain-sailing, but it varies upon how you want the switch. There are three options available that developers or businesses prefer:

– Install the available WordPress theme and simple migrate the content
– Develop a customized theme according to the static HTML website
– Hiring a development team that can recreate the existing HTML website to WordPress

Well, any of the above options when businesses would select, the result would be best.

Now, let’s take a glance at why businesses should make a switch to the WordPress:

1) Add dynamism

HTML, the language that’s highly known for creating web applications, when craft the static websites, a lot of pages are created and loads of code is written to create each page. Every web page is equivalent to the HTML file of same design and layout.

The case is not with WordPress website, the websites built using WordPress can be easily created, updated and managed. Moreover, there a lot of plugins and functions provided by the WordPress that enable businesses to make the changes in real-time.

2) Development becomes a breeze

The dynamic CMS provides already built themes and plugins that make the job of developers a lot easier.

According to a survey report, “WordPress.org’s database of plugins has hit 29K and a new one is added nearly every hour. In total, these plugins have been downloaded 286,000,000+ times.”

It alleviates the need to create a new layout and designs from the scratch. Plus, the websites can be supercharged with additional features, which can be easily incorporated with Plugins.

This way a website can be built with great features in less coding. Even more, the developers who are not so technically sound can build, update and enhance the website.

3) Tailor-made the website as per existing design

The freedom to personalize the websites according to existing designs or UI is not available with HTML, but WordPress provides.

It’s great! This implies with WordPress, the websites can be customized as per the industry preferences, business requirement, or prospects’ needs.

The available themes can also be used as it is or tailor made to fit into ones requirements. The huge community of WordPress developers also assists the developers for impeccable WordPress development or migration.

4) Community support

As stated above, “The WordPress community support is matchless.”

Being an open source platform, WordPress developers and businesses keep on sharing their insights, ideas, new release, updates and more about the WordPress development.

Also, the developers across the globe who are facing issues in the WordPress development arena can ask their queries and can get suitable answers.

5) Search engine friendly

Certainly, businesses develop the websites to improve their web presence and top the search engine ranking.

The WordPress websites are built with a clear understanding of how search engines crawl the websites and its content. Also, the websites are optimized and security features are added following SEO guidelines to enable the websites perform amazingly well.

This intelligence of WordPress platform helps the websites to top the charts in SERP and increase the throughput.


It’s been said that change is constant and it’s always for good. Those changes with the time and adapt as per the trends would lead the world, otherwise they are left behind.

Similarly, turning to the WordPress is the demand of the industry, market and trends. Going WordPress way is really beneficial to the businesses to seize the competitive edge in the market.

That’s the reason, 74.6 million websites across the world depend upon WordPress and astonishingly, WordPress.com gets more unique visitors than Amazon (US).

Even, the platform has created a boom in the USA market.

According to a survey report, “22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress.”

Moral of the story is migrating the HTML website to WordPress is not just to follow the trend or follow what all are doing, but to reap the advantages that WordPress platform is offering.

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