Ajax Development

Web 2.0 has transformed the way content is presented over the internet. AJAX takes user interaction to a totally new level providing “real time” content. Eliminating continuous requests to the server, AJAX simplifies the retrieval and alteration of data on a web page. Web users can now get “live” updates across sections inside a web page without manual reloading pages. It’s all about good user experiences — being able to do the things they need to do as easily as possible — hopefully with the mechanics of the application safely tucked away in the background. For users who are waiting to see if they won an auction, keeping an eye on sports scores, or closely following the latest weather forecasts, Ajax enhancements to these types of Web pages can greatly improve their experiences.

GMI’s promptness and flexibility to adapt to innovative technologies, directed towards enhancing usability, drives its research and AJAX development. AJAX provides GMI with instruments to optimize load times, validate content, provide alerts and notifications and collectively redefine user experience across web applications. AJAX lends the penetrative edge that’s needed to compete in this ever increasing Web 2.0 space.

Technically speaking, the main goal of Ajax Programming is to create web pages that are more responsive and easy to load according to user change. Ajax driven applications differ from other rich UI technology driven applications such as Flash or Java by utilizing the other components of Web application development, namely HTML for document delivery and CSS for document styling. Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, as it was first termed, is shorthand for JavaScript UI development, particularly JavaScript development that uses the XMLHttpRequest object.

The team at GMI has adopted this evolving technology for its sheer adaptability to various scenarios and needs making it truly global, cross compatible, development tool. AJAX has advanced, within a very short span, into applications across platforms.

We offer AJAX to develop applications as it offers the following benefits:

  • For enabling specific portions of a web page to be updated without the need to reload the entire page thereby enabling the creation of rich internet applications.
  • For utilizating less server resources
  • For being cross platform and cross browser compatible.
  • For lending desktop-application like experience on web based applications.
  • For integrating multiple levels of interactivity on the same page.
  • For separating data, format and functioning.
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