Android Tablet Application Development

World’s most popular operating system, Android, is set to break records as the most sold device operating system. Owned by Google, Android offers multitude of features that no other operating system is capable of delivering. After its popularity in smart phone market, Android is now popular for its tablets, and Android 4.1 tablet app development is a trend adopted by many developers.

Developing an engaging, intuitive and compelling Android 4.1 tablet app is a matter of experience and a foresight to understand the market. GMI is a custom Android tablet application programming company, which creates value for your application. To create a buzz in the app market, it is necessary to develop application at the right time, which engages individuals. GMI is you partner that, through its advanced tools, quickly straightens the desired app irrespective of its complexity.

Android Tablet 4.1 app development is booming at a high rate. More than 50,000 applications have been developed for Android. GMI possesses experienced hands in developing tablets application for Android. We build a whole range of rich, innovative and cost-effective applications that can run on the Android Platform. We believe in approaching Android tablet application development in a proactive and high-caliber manner.

Utilizing the complex Android SDK platform, our highly qualified Android application developers explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of Android tablet applications development tools. Owning a vast familiarity in creating Android applications, our Android tablet application development services include the following:

  • Migrating Android mobile app to run efficiently on tablet device
  • Android Enterprise app development
  • Gaming application development
  • Finance Android Application Development
  • Entertainment Android App Development
  • Banking and Investment Application
  • Lifestyle, Travel, healthcare and shopping related application
  • Audio/Video Streaming Application
  • Map navigation, news & weather forecaster
  • Security application
  • Tools, themes and various utility applications and many more


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