Android vs. iOS 7 – Who Wins The Battle?

Of course, Apple has left no stones unturned to make the launch of iOS 7 successful. However, the diehard Apple fans or the normal users will have to wait for some time in order to receive the iOS 7 update, which was said by the Apple executive during WWDC 2013. Of course, everyone is waiting to see what this advanced operating system is going to bring. However, it has not created much more impact on the popularity of Android application development.Android vs iOS7There is no denying that Apple has launched its best product, but there are many people out there who keep comparing it with Google’s Android. While Apple is trying hard to beat its toughest rival, the question that has created a buzz across the mobile industry is: “Which one is better, Apple is 7 or Google Android?” Let’s find out!

iOS 7 vs. Android – In terms of FEATURES….

When it comes to features, Apple has added some of the out-of-the-box features, such as Control Center, Notification Center, Siri, Multitasking and more. Whether you wish to activate Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Do Not Disturb feature, you can easily turn on or turn off any of them or all of the by simply swiping up on the screen menu.

Apart from this, you can easily modify the brightness of the screen or the system volume, smoothly connect to other iOS devices with the help of AirPlay, or access a flight timer and more on the go. Moreover, most of the apps are redesigned, and a few of them may come up with new features. Now, Siri can speak in Male as well as female voices.

With iOS 7, Apple has tried to simplify the multitasking with the help of live tiles and preview screens of the apps. Now, users won’t have to switch between the apps using double tapping on a home button.

What about Google’s Android??

Well, you might be surprised by knowing that the features that are offered by Apple in its latest iOS 7 are already available in Android! It has been said that Apple has added such features just for the sake of audience or users as they started complaining about the versatility and malleability of the Android ecosystem. A control center-esque, multitasking and more features are already available in Android. In fact, Android offers far better multitasking features than what’s offered by Apple.

Similarly, Android had already a notification feature long before Apple. So, as a whole, Apple is trying to market its new operating system with its so called “new features”, which are not so new in reality…!

So, which is one is better?

Well, Apple iOS 7 is suffering from several issues. For example, there is nothing remotely original about it. Of course, it’s looking beautiful, but still all the apps or features introduced by Apple have already been introduced in the Android long time back. So, Apple iOS 7 may look gorgeous, but Android wins the battle in terms of ingenuity and inventiveness…!

Would you prefer Android application development or iOS? What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments…!


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