Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android – Which One is a Better Platform?

Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems widely used now-a-days by millions of users worldwide. But did you ever thought which one is a better choice? The Android and iPhone Application Development Company will help the user to choose the best OS and cheer for your most favorite and dominant mobile operating system. Well, if you have no idea then here in this article you can go through some important points which will let you think about it.


Android being an open source platform is widely admired by the android developers to develop fabulous mobile applications. It gives the audience the freedom to explore the platform and even sell its apps without any certification from Google. On the other hand, if you have developed an app for iOS then you have to first get it certified from Apple which deprives the user of the freedom. To get android apps, the user have the option of Google Play whereas the iOS apps are restricted only to its official application providers.


The iOS users have very less control over the customization of their device as compared to the Android devices. iOS being a closed system and unless the user chooses unlocking option which ultimately voids the warranty, the user is still stuck with just one carrier. Many users have tried unlocking their iPhone device only to find out that their files are deleted each time they plug it in a PC. However, with android devices the user gets full freedom to customize their device and choose the carrier.

Ease of Use

Apple has developed an intuitive interface and lets the user search anything on the screen of an iOS device and doesn’t let him get lost in the oceans of menus and options. With android, it is possible to have the apps configured incorrectly so they may not be able to perform the function the way they were supposed to.


Another feature that android pioneered and Apple refined is how to switch between the apps. With android, just double tap the home button and the user will view a vertical list of apps with preview of contents such as last few texts, recently picture viewed in Facebook etc. However with Apple, the user can view the apps in a left-to-right list and to quit an app just flick an app’s thumbnail up and away to the top of the screen. Both android and iOS have the problem with switching to and from an app affecting the app itself with certain problems.

To Conclude

Although iOS and android are extremely competitive we would not miss that the android’s user experience is very customizable whereas iOS is not. The above comparison of the mobile platforms is not essentially intended to figure out which OS is better but it is just a reference for mobile developers and users who are willing to choose anyone of these. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for iPhone & Android Application Development.

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