Amiable E-commerce Development with Magento Developers India

E-commerce or electronic commerce involves any type of online exchange of information across the internet. It covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer-based retail sites, through auction or music sites, to business exchanges trading goods and services between corporations. It has a huge contribution in emerging of internet.

E-commerce is a splendid platform where consumers can electronically buy goods and services without worrying about geographical boundaries. E-commerce has rapidly evolved over last five years and looks to be continuing or may even accelerate in near future. The barriers between conventional commerce and electronic commerce will soon be blurred.

Several issues were noticed in the past with regards to electronic payment, however this problem has been solved and RBI implements several security measures encouraging consumers to be a part of electronic commerce. Attractive discount offered by e-market is also one of the reasons for increasing consumer demand. E-commerce provides various facilities to consumers like earning side-income and bringing together many retailers under one platform providing them with an opportunity to select their favorite retailer. It also provides facilities to retailers by offering them discounts to register under one big platform and earning traffic to their websites resulting in earning more revenue. It gives them a platform to put their products and services in demonstration without even having to manufacture them.

Manufacturers can simply manufacture products on demand as there is a fixed shipment time given to the consumer. This saves on the cost of storage of goods and wastage when demand is reduced for a particular product.

E-commerce is divided into two: B2B and B2C. B2B stands for business to business process where the requirement of one organization is fulfilled by many others. For e.g.: A manufacturing organization needs raw material to come up with finished goods. This raw material is provided by various companies that deal in supplying raw materials.

B2C stands for business to customers. In this case the e-market’s scenario, narrated above, fits the best where dealing is in between retailers (business) and consumers (customers).

For creating such shopping carts or other e-commerce portals several e-commerce software are available in the market. Many of them are available under free licenses for development (also called as open source software). It is not easy to select the best one as each has its own set of pros and cons. The two extensively used Platforms are as follows:


The world’s fastest growing ecommerce platform; you have only got to look at Magento’s client list to realize what an excellent piece of open-source software it is. Samsung, The North Face, Stussy and Nespresso all use it to power their online stores. It is used by 30,000 merchants and is worth to pay for the Enterprise Edition, which is packed with extremely useful features, the Community Edition is free to download and use, however, it is meant for developers only.

Magento development India is a complete shopping cart development with different ecommerce modules that can be customized according to anybody’s specific business requirements. It is the favorite choice of small-scale businesses all around the world and also provides most advanced functionalities and features. Magento developers India reported that Magento provides with Inbuilt SEO technique which allows you to always stay on the top. Want to create your own Magento, just customize its flexible features, hire Magento developer who would simply put-in what you desire from your Magento. You can also take help from your Magento consultants to set up your entire architecture and discuss problems and find expert solutions.


Unsurprisingly, considering how easy it is to set up and run, it’s extremely popular, powering over 228,700 online stores. osCommerce is absolutely free under the GNU General Public License and plies to most people’s needs. However, popularity does come with downside–when your store is connected with the osCommerce, you cannot differentiate between your shop and thousands of other shop already available. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will need to use some of the 5,800 add-ons available, some of which cost money.

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