Android Developer Must Get Imperfect OS in Shape before Chrome OS

Android application developers moved swiftly and, eventually, reached the zenith. Droid is on the top list when smart phones are considered. People prefer Droid among various choices in the market. The reason is relatively cheap, amazing flexibility, options to customize, largest app store, devices available in all shapes and sizes, and free availability of large no. of apps. One more benefit that Droid users enjoy is the ability to check the price and install software from various sources (whichever is cheap and authorized as well), which is not possible in the otherwise packed OS environment such as iPhone. Droid also owns a store which is more developer focused and less on commission rates.

Malware hits Android

Droid is all praises for sure. However, every good thing comes with certain bad things. Droid is recently reported to be attacked by Malware 400 times more since June 2010 to January 2011. This means, every Android developer has to be extremely careful about the malicious software downloads. Rapid growth in Google’s open environment has brought in more sophisticated hackers or virus developers.

The malware is said to have injected in the reputed and swanky software, which sits on the user’s device on installation. Growth in the sophistication of malware developers has developed a need for employing antivirus to protect phones and other Droid devices against threat. If you are a Droid user and concerned about protecting your devices, check out the list of recent antivirus software made byAndroid application developers.

Chrome OS is the big news

Android app developers made Android a huge hit. News reveal the soon entrance of Chrome OS in the market. Laptops are soon going to be seen running Chrome OS. Google said that it was in need of an OS that runs on anything and everything and Chrome OS is going to be the best suited one.

Chrome OS is thought as an experiment rather than a viable product. It seems Android developer; or rather Google should invest resources into improving Android before investing in a full-fledged different operating system. Google has thought to deploy its new OS on Laptops mainly because that’s where most of the web usage is today.

The mail goal behind developing Chromebooks is high user satisfaction. Google is expecting it to come out as a huge hit and become a platform that everyone adopts such as individuals, schools, colleges, organizations and so on. Google also said that Chrome OS is going to be very simple unlike Microsoft’s complicated operating systems. Guess, Google is ready to beat up an OS king from decades.

Chrome OS is inextricably linked to internet and the applications internally uses the Chrome browser. So, indirectly Google is also promoting its Chrome browser, which doesn’t have extraordinary reviews as compared to its rivals.

Chrome OS cannot run Microsoft Office and you wont be able to play Portal 2. However, Google has planned to expand its OS in a while. Variety of other things would surely compensate for what users are losing. Accelerated speed and graphics hardware is certainly going to reap great results.

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