Application Development for iPad: Know the Latest iOS 5

Apple’s iPad 2 broke all the sales records this year. Being the most efficient, sleek and light-weight tablet performing to its best, Apple shipped 13 million iPad units in Q3 2011. An impressive figure showing 36.8 percent growth left Apple being the top-most tablet vendor. With over 200 new features, the world’s most advanced operating system is only getting better. With the launch of iOS 5, Apple devices show fast improvement and sale. Further, the special features of iOS5 encouraged iPad application development even more.

iPad developers focus on some of the most competitive iOS 5 features for developing robust apps based on the new operating system.


iPad has always been one of the most sophisticated devices. With its fast revolution, it always has something new to offer its users. This time, with iOS 5, Apple offers the following:

Notification Center: The notification center in iOS 5 has been fine-tuned for minimal interruptions. Replacing its annoying pop-up notification system, iPad development allows users to set up the way their notification should arrive on their devices. Users can also select the option for no notification. Users can swipe and reach the app to see the message; however, if users ignore the message, the message will simply fade away.

iMessage: The iOS let users send across the text messages or instant messages for free to any of the iOS 5-enabled devices. As the messaging service uses the internet, it won’t charge its users. Although iPad application developers did develop applications supporting such services, iOS 5 provides direct access to this feature. Also, message can be addressed to either an email address or a phone. It includes intelligent functions that automatically find friends using iOS 5.

Integration with iCloud: iCloud is a service that syncs all the content to all the iOS-based devices. Rising above the wired technology for syncing content, iCloud lets the content sync wirelessly. Only iOS 5-upgraded devices enjoy iCloud services. It holds close association with iTunes. However, if users wish to sync larger content, wired sync is always faster.

Multi-touch gestures: This is one of the most challenging parts when iPad application developers engage in iPad application development. iOS 5 offers the neatest trick of pinching with four or five fingers to be taken back from any application to the Home screen.

Apple’s new market gaining practice

Awakened by the new cost-conscious emerging markets, Apple is prepping for a small, low-budget tablet device. According to the report, smaller version of the iPad, iPad mini, is to be launched with the same, 1024 by 768, screen resolution as the current iPad 2. Due to the smaller display, Apple will increase the pixel density, thus providing a crisper image.

Apparently, Apple is in progress to develop the iPad 2’s successor with several benchmark features. Allegedly, Apple plans iPad 3’s launch in the first quarter of 2012. Apple will boost the iPad 3’s resolution and will proffer a much better hardware configuration as compared to the current Apple devices.

Looking at the growing sales of Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices, iPhone and iPad app development is flourishing. Among recent apps, HeyStak is popular. Unlike, Microsoft’s search initiative, HeyStak is a social search that powers the social aspect of search. Another application, Puffle Launch, is brought to users by Disney. It’s a cool game somewhat a mix of pinball and Super Mario. This would be probably users’ favorite pick of the month.

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