ASP.NET development: A Gateway to Robust Mobile Applications

The mobile landscape is in the phase of continual change, almost every week we see a device launching with a new concept. Wireless devices with continue to multiply due to the convenience it offers to its users. Most of the wireless devices fall into the three categories: mobile devices, PDAs and laptops; and the main difference between these devices fall into another four categories: connectivity, screen size, memory and processing power. However, the most widely used wireless devices are mobile phones.

The future seeks to combine the existing features and create hybrid devices for extensive functionalities simplifying the access to user data even further. The main goal of these devices is voice communication; however through data plans and web applications, users can have unlimited access to the web. Although mobile devices suffer from deficient connectivity, Microsoft’s framework-that provides ASP.NET development-helps to create WAP applications using its Mobile application development toolkit. The web has to pass through WAP for secured access to the mails.

Microsoft provides high-level frameworks such as ASP.Net and Windows Form to assist developers. We will look at the advantage of using ASP.NET framework to develop commendable web applications, in this article.

the significant role of in creating mobile applications

Mobile applications are nothing but the web applications made compatible to run on the miniature devices with multiple platforms. The challenge here is the diverse structure and platform of devices that would run a mobile application. .Net development uses Web Forms and Web services to simplify the process of building multi-platform applications. Being a new, yet integral, form of the web development, it helps to send information to and fro irrespective of user environments.

ASP.Net sits on the top of CRL (Common Runtime Language) for high customization and extensibility features and is a collection of classes that help to assist in processing HTTP requests and responses.

ASP Dot Net has revolutionized the way web pages are built. Dot net Developer no longer has to work in a structured environment as ASP Dot Net technology acquires potential for development in response to the users. This technology provides an interactive development environment in which developers can easily drag and drop controls and basic code would be ready in the code window. Dot Net Development works on a modular design thereby allowing to add code without considerable modification.

Till date, the mobile application development has faced a single-most dreadful challenge of being able to run efficiently over all types of mobile devices. Luckily, ASP.Net mobile SDK renders mobile web pages correctly for a large variety of different mobile devices. Now create an application for delivering lecture via streaming video or a technical support database, all works well via ASP.Net application Development.

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