Breadcrumbs for SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SMO – Social Media Optimization are the fulcrums around which the modern day web promotion and online website marketing campaigns revolve. The balance between On Page and Off Page optimization techniques has been long a subject of debate among SEO experts. One of the elements of On Page Optimization techniques is Breadcrumb Navigation. Sticking to the meaning of the term it literally means a trail of elements that guide users to a defined destination.

In case of website Breadcrumb Navigation, a trail of links is placed at the top of the webpage below the site address thus allowing users to easily find their bearings. Essentially Breadcrumb Navigation allows users to find and go to web-pages that higher and deeper within the architecture of your site. The trail construction is such that the whole map of pages right from the home page to the current page is visible to the user in the form of text links. The only care that is to be taken is that the current page in the trail must not be a link.

The reasons for adding Breadcrumb links are quite obvious and convincing. For one, they help users easily navigate around the website and hence comply with the basic thumb rule of web promotion and online website marketing that the easier the navigation for users, more are the chances of them staying on your site for longer durations. And considering contemporary search engines attach importance to the amount of time a user spends on a website as a determinant of its credibility and ranks web-pages accordingly, Breadcrumb Navigation becomes an essential ingredient of the SEO – Search Engine Optimization mix. Breadcrumbs trail consists of text links which makes it easier for search engines to crawl them and increase the probability of them figuring in the SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages.

Also Breadcrumb trails allow you to add “anchor text links” using anchor text that is generally utilized for implementing keywords. The trails if linked to pages with the right logic can allow your website to assume an “on-topic” stance giving it more credibility in the eyes of search engines. Usability experts still debate on the utility of Breadcrumb Navigation but SEO – Search Engine Optimization experts tend to differ.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SMO – Social Media Optimization have entrenched themselves into the web promotion and online website marketing segments in a way that makes leveraging their implementation quintessential and therefore leading to the incorporation of all their inherent elements and techniques. So the ideal approach would be to implement Breadcrumb navigation at the top of your website below the site address. If it’s already implemented, then stress should be on analyzing its utility and determining optimizations for it so as to attract and retain traffic. This should go a long way towards helping you garner business opportunities online.

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