Business is in my Pocket! Mobile Application Programmers Magnetize Workforce

You will find dozens of mobile app developers in every nook and corner. With back to back smart phones launches, mobile application developers are in great demand. However, is it possible for all of them to make a difference? This article gives a brief idea of what user expects and how to use the right dart to hit the right target.

Work from home will soon be called as Work mobile or something similar. With several smart phone launches, each one wants to serve the best and unique to the workforce. While several software are fun to use, some are a big pain operating in small screen and loading on old browsers. New applications demand new installations and upgradations. Certainly, smart phone email can be mastered in no time. How about complex business application? It is difficult to keep your workforce loving your business software as they go mobile. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of old Client-sever era and get the smart devices to have cloud-host interactions and data. You will have to redesign the fundamental architecture for delivering software.

In the name of good experience pertaining to smart phone software we expect business software to be as simple as playing kids game without hurdles and as useful as WebEx on IPad. Further, we expect it to be cheap as a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. We expect an application to be built stylish using HTML 5. What would happen if we run an HTML 5 site on a decade old browser?

Another challenge mobile application developer has to face is of delivering workforce services on any device, any platform, any screen size, any location. The lock between client and server is dead. It’s now architecture of devices to services. All of a sudden, you will need an interaction layer to separate the data and transaction layers.

Retaining your (mobile app developers) stand in the market

Retaining your stand as a mobile application programmer is an amalgamation of hard work and acceptance to global market needs. To make your business software be more than satisfactory to your users, make sure to bring out atleast one uncommon thing in your application, of course useful to the user, to get the crowd buy your product.

Business Partners: Bring out a friendly hand to your software vendors. Many vendors are waking up to mobile shift. Technologies like Oracle and Cisco are ready for the mobile collaboration, whereas, Microsoft has taken a back seat when talking about smart phone world. The tools from these vendors reach most platforms. Try making most of it such apps to reach out to millions of hearts and make consumers feel that nothing is impossible which, in turn, builds competition and gives liberty to users to demand for more.

Device compatibility: Research and reviews from tech users revealed their demands from smart phone software. Users want their business software to be upgradable. Looking at the cost of smart phones, no one would really invest in buying new phone every time he wants to work with new application which is compatible to his device. Besides, there also arises a problem of being used to the device you are working on. Therefore, user expects that software should function well on whichever device he is working with. Indirectly, great performance with cutting-edge technology and lowest technical requirements but still maintaining amazing user Interface, is the demand.

Entertainment to business: Business software are boring. How about including Cricket World cup highlights to it? Cricket world cup is the madness of the date. A simple strategy to great sales of your business software would be to let your workforce handle work and let a small tab in the software keep updating the score of the latest sports or/and other bits of live information of the latest events.

Sense of accomplishment: Your business software gives out great performance. However, to achieve a task it takes you through navigating various windows, not happening! Create a sense of accomplishment through your software. If a user is able to perform a task in mere 12 seconds, there is no looking back to your application’s sales. This creates a sense of task achievement and keeps user going back to your application every now and then.

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