Call it a 7” Game-Changer or Fortune-Builder, Its all for Blackberry Developer

News doing rounds of RIM, we all know that RIM seems to lack behind in offering what consumers want in the world of Android. However, the latest news reveals something new and positive for RIM. Read more to find out.

iPad2 versus PlayBook

After the launch of iPad 2, RIM held its Press event for PlayBook. Indeed, RIM and Blackberry app developer has given Apple a back seat when talking about PlayBook. The 7” tablet gave a very sophisticated look. The device is extremely fast and well engineered. It is light, well-constructed and solid. When comparing iPad, PlayBook is a much faster device and compact to stay in a jacket pocket.

Attributed to QNX’s breeding as a Real-Time OS with a highly-efficient microkernel that runs extremely fast on the metal, PlayBook UI, to both iOS 4.2.x and Android Honeycomb, has this really sleek, high-performance feel about the whole thing that’s difficult to quantify.

Reporters at ZDnet said that the multitasking PlayBook is extremely impressive, easy and quick to navigate between running tasks. Also helps you see everything running in the background as you move between running apps. However, HP doesn’t seem to be happy with PlayBook as HP has made recent allegations that Play book’s User Interface is a copy of its upcoming 10″ touch pad device.

ZDnet also gave a review saying that the browser engineering team that RIM acquired out of the Torch Mobile purchase has done a real phenomenal job with the PlayBook’s browser. It’s fast, renders pages beautifully and responds in a fluid fashion to multi-touch gestures.

The great news comes with RIM’s launch of its own Webkit-based system. After the launch of RIM Analytics, RIM has an ability to track almost everything to help RIM improve its services (we’ll come to that after the review). The Webkit is compatible with HTML5 including video support with HTML5. Also includes CSS3 features like fonts, resize, etc. The overall experience of browser usage is extremely pleasurable.

There is always negative side to a positive one and vice versa. Let’s see the negative side of PlayBook.

RIM did not give out a considerate pricing an availability of the PlayBook. Well, if the price ends up being more than iPad then count many intended buyers out of it. The iPad can be considered as winner of the tablet market till now. People present at the press event also noticed that almost all the PlayBook kept for Demo heated up. There was some sort of heat generation on its back, unlike iPad. However, the reason could be continuous usage for many hours, but, an iPad never did so. This can cause a concern among consumers.

Another question is of its battery life. RIM being a 7” tablet, ofcourse, won’t hold a charge as much as iPad does (being a 10″ device). However, there is nothing clearly told about the battery life of the PlayBook. If the battery life is less than 7 hours, again it won’t be successful in capturing the tablet market.

What is RIM’s SDK?

RIM has launched Blackberry Analytics Beta version to help Blackberry developers fine-tune their apps for Blackberry phones. Free version of analytics is available for developers. RIM has suggested developers to start integrating this SDK in their Java-based smart phone app. This SDK captures user-related information pertaining to which software is being used the most, which software was often opened, closed, and till how much time a particular software was used. Also shows no. of screen views, carriers, device models as well as usage time of other customized events. It also provides built-in reports for media playback, product views and more. This indicates RIM’s attempts to sure up Blackberry application developers support for the platform across smart phone and tablet alike.

These appear to be good news for RIM which has almost made a jump to the second generation of iPad with its fantastic PlayBook. Let’s see how far it goes, in reality, after the actual release of PlayBook.

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