Cross Platform Mobile Application Development through the Platforms’ Chaos

With complete mobile platform chaos in the industry, it is always better to opt for cross mobile application development. Mobile platforms are not consistent as the platforms’ position in the market is uncertain. The platforms’ position is driven by innovation and user acceptability, meaning that if today iPhone is famous, tomorrow Android would take over. In such a scenario, cross platform mobile application development would successfully cater to all platforms irrespective of its fame. Developers can also prioritize the platform they want to develop an application for.

mobile application development

With Android, iOS, Windows, RIM and other platforms fighting in fierce competition, even major app concepts are being converted to a cross platform. From games to business and interactive apps, everyone seeks audience over a cross platform.

Sony acts an example recently, Sony announced its plans to bring its PlayStation experience to more devices than ever. Increasing its customer base, Sony has decided to move the PlayStation experience on devices other than Sony. Asus and Wikipad devices are soon to experience it.  Moreover, other entertainment apps such as Angry Birds are cross platform projects. Right from Windows to Android and iOS users could use this magnificent gaming application; and probably, it was its availability for all that made it so famous.

Building a cross platform application is no rocket science. Developers who are aware of building apps and are experienced on a variety of platforms know the nuances of each platform and can simply put across an app that caters to all users, beyond the mobile platform they use. To make it even simpler, there are better tools in the market that allow developers to make an application a cross platform one. However, can you totally reply on these tools? The answer is No.

Experience or knowledge is important. If you are creating a critical application that may affect your business, only experienced hands can be trusted as each platform is complex in its own way. As each platform comprises of special features, it is possible to tweak your application in that angle.  Only experienced developers can do the tweaking as only they are aware of the platform’s technicalities.

Tools make cross platform mobile app development easy and Icenium is the latest tool in the mobile market. Yet another fascinating product from Telerik, Icenium is an integrated cloud environment from programmed to initially focus on the Android and iOS platforms and then expand to other platforms. Icenium uses introduces a new concept ICE for developers to use the technologies they know such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript to build applications that run natively and distributed to across app stores.

Icenium is a lot like PhoneGap in terms of leveraging developers’ skill set for creating a mobile app. However, unlike PhoneGap, Icenium abstracts away the platform dependencies.  With Icenium, developers can now focus on the app concept than managing multiple development platforms.

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