Dealer Management System That Suits “You” Is Now within Your Reach

With the growing economy, businesses prospered. And with flourishing business, the need for automated solutions realized. Automated solutions are capable of eliminating complicated warehouse processes. One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to manage customers, stocks, and services in a cost-effective manner. Accessing complete information through your screens, automating business processes and taking real-time critical decisions simplifies and manages each phase of your distribution chain from customers, ordering, delivery, payment, inventory, and right through to services management.

In modern times, Distribution management system (DMS) is a powerful solution to maximize productivity and reduce operational cost. It is specifically created for large equipment manufacturers. Dealer management system connects diverse departments, creates transparency across the domains and nullifies the errors in transactions. DMS proves to be extremely beneficial if the company is spread out at various locations. In such a situation it becomes imperative to organize data in one place from where it could be effectively retrieved by all others.

Key features of acquiring a DMS

Acquiring a DMS can open a new horizon for your business growth. The key features are as follows:

Affordable: DMS services are, generally, affordable. Apart from that, the system reduces your error cost and increases productivity, which altogether covers the amount paid for DMS and increased efficiency brings profit to the organizations.

Connected: Diverse departments of an organization are connected; which reduces the delay in the process and making it more transparent. Due to its inter-connectivity, employees can track the status, communicate easily, avoid errors and miscommunications, avoids delay caused due to hand-to-hand transfer of information, eliminates administration cost and automatically recovers and warns about fatal errors.

Customization: DMS is not a rigid system and the reputed DMS providers make sure that DMS is always ready for market transition. Also, every organization has its distinct requirement. DMS is generally flexible enough to change according to those requirements.

Finding a DMS to suit you

Various companies offer Dealer management software. Almost every IT service organization offers you with ready-made solutions that may fit your requirement with little customization. In competition, you may find various add-on features in your DMS. However, unnecessary features would only complicate your system and put its performance at stake. Many DMS system integrates with your CRM or has some CRM components for better customer relationship. This kind of DMS is worth buying only if your organization’s doesn’t demand a full-fledged CRM. Your best DMS solution must include the following:

User-friendly screen: Rapid data entry is possible only with screens that are user-friendly. System depicts its usability through its interface. Company resources can be saved through non-intensive training to the user, which is possible if the screen allows easy grasping of system functions.

Cover all warehouse operations: DMS is an effective system only if it takes into account all the operations in a particular domain from receipt of goods, through to ordering and dispatch. The system tracks your stock indicating goods that have been stored, current stock levels, product categories, pricing information, serial numbers and weight classifications. It also counts the inventory of perishable goods.

Customizations: As mentioned earlier, customization is a very important aspect for choosing your DMS. It is not necessary that the already-made DMS system meets your organization’s requirements completely. DMS can yield effective results only when customized effectively. If the customization is upto the mark, it can also mitigate risks involved at various stages of distribution process.

Optional accounting modules: Commanding finance with invoicing, debtor tracking and cash allocation of incoming payments is the task done through optional accounting module. This module is better kept optional. With this, Handling and storage charges are effortlessly recharged to your clients.

Save shipping cost: This module can be used to get the best shipping freight rates every time through cost comparison.

Security: DMS must contain several roles and integrate several security measures as data is crucial for every organization. An electronic flow of data should be constantly monitored to secure your enterprise from data theft.

The competent markets have brought-in several DMS solutions and each provides distinct features. Compare the best prices in the market and invest in one that you think is most effective and enhances your company’s performance to the maximum.

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