DNN Development Services: Features of an Imminent Framework

Article gives introduction to DNN development services, its open source nature, four critical features and some of the content modules that accelerate effective business app development; Dot Net Nuke (DotNetNuke) is yet another Microsoft technology to succeed with almost no drawbacks.

DotNetNuke (DNN) being a Microsoft technology, before researching on what DotNetNuke offers, I tried to find what it doesn’t. As expected, I found no major disadvantages pertaining to DNN development services. For introduction, it is not enough to know that DNN is a CMS and a complete framework that readily offers creation and maintenance of fully customized and highly engaging web sites. Built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET, DotNetNuke is added to your organization’s treasure containing all Microsoft technologies that help reduce organization’s costs and ensure maximum long-term reliability.

Struts J2EE web development follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture to separate business logic from design and navigational code. MVC encourages sophisticated, error-free Struts Java web programming. It combines standard and other Java elements to create enterprise-grade applications that are easily maintainable over time.

DNN skins development or DNN modules development can be done at large with the help from DotNetNuke consulting services.DotNetNuke consultants offer foolproof solutions considering your infrastructure, budget and various other crucial business aspects.DotNetNuke consulting proves beneficial especially during migration or new set up. Taking the DNN chapter further, let’s looks atDotNetNuke developers in India ensure four things: Extensibility, ease of use, Extreme scalability and benefits from both professional and enterprise edition.

Extensibility: Open API and modular nature of the framework allows easy changes to the look and feel of the website. Adding or changing pluggable DNN app brings desired appearance and functionality to your site. Free and inexpensive apps let your organization create great extensible and customized website. DNN modules development is possible due to its fragmented architecture.

Ease of use: Improving experience of your site visitors, DNN development services are easy to make use of. Non technical content managers can easily change the content and layouts of the website as desired, without IT support. This helps in hassle-free maintenance of fresh content on the website thereby winning clients.

Scalability: Scalability is DNN’s strongest point. DNN outsourcing services help create small or large websites. Websites can grow upto innumerable pages per DotNetNuke instance. It supports built-in web farm support to seamlessly migrate to a distributed server infrastructure with growing traffic.

Professional and Enterprise Edition: DotNetNuke is an open source and hence, it’s free. However if your organization desires a crucial business application development, it provides you an option to adopt a specially designed Professional and Enterprise edition. Although it comes with a price, it offers some crucial benefits, of DotNetNuke Skins development and more, which are not available in the free version.

Due to DNN’s open source nature, it is highly customizable. Its strong community allows changes and developments desired by the user. DNN can create a business solution completely remodeled to fit your organization. Also DNN developers are constantly into action developing new functionalities. Those modules or functions can be directly put to use if they suit your requirement. DotNetNuke CMS development offers various content modules. In fact, these modules keep growing rapidly. Just a few of the content modules are mentioned below:

  • Image module
  • Document module
  • Link module
  • Event module
  • News module
  • Banner ads module
  • Text module
  • Threaded discussion forums module
  • Email forms module
  • Broadcast email module
  • Site registration module
  • RSS news feeds, and more

DotNetNuke development services are a simple solution for most business problems. Hire .Net or DotNetNuke developers to empower your own custom app development. It is a solo player in the market where both enterprise-based CMS and app developmentframework are required. It helps your crucial business app work faster and easier than ever before.

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