Does Article Submission Really Work

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SMO – Social Media Optimization have gripped the entrepreneurial segments of the business avenues by establishing themselves as the critical facets for any web promotion or online website marketing initiatives. The vast implementation strategies involved within these broad bifurcations demand the involvement of firms or individuals providing professional SEO services.

Article submissions have long since been an aspect leveraged to gain back links to the parent website and to increases rankings with a view to figure higher in the SERPs. But in the recent past their utility with respect to SEO – Search Engine Optimization has been a subject of conflicting opinions and widespread debates with the global SEO  Search Engine Optimizationcommunity divided with their perceptions.

Article submission basically involves choosing interesting topics related to your area of business and writing unique, relevant and interesting article on them. Theses articles are then to be submitted to online article submission directories along with a link to your parent website embedded within it. If the content is genuinely unique and interesting, numerous publishers will pick the article up and re-publish it at different online location. This effectively means that if around 200-300 publishers pick up your article you have that many back links. Also genuine and intelligent article submissions establish your integrity as an expert on the subject. Sounds simple and easy, right! But there’s a flipside to it too. Present day search engines have evolved over the years to intelligently sniff out every technique employed to garner higher search rankings.

That is why, it is very frequently seen that search engine algorithms keep changing randomly. There are innumerable article submission directories some of which are paid and others are free. The issue with some article submission directories is that they carry little credibility as far as the search engines are concerned. That is why it is commonly seen that even though the article actually garners you a search ranking, in a short duration of time, the ranking is lost.

Article submissions carry weight only up to a certain extent. Multiple submissions won’t work here as search engines just index and list one copy of the article. Also the traffic generated by articles is considerably lesser. In contrast having an article section on your website along with press releases etc… can pay off quite well. There have been cases of plagiarism of article content which would lead to someone else actually benefiting from your efforts. The efficacy of article submission has gradually declined and the amount of complexity involved in order to just get indexed has grown manifold.

A conclusion to be drawn from this would be that article submissions still remain to be a tool that can be utilized for SEO – Search Engine Optimization. But they should be used with discretion with more focus on other aspects of web promotion and online website marketing. Instead focusing on SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SMO – Social Media Optimization aspects to build social links can work out a lot more effectively.

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