Emphasizing the Importance of Keyword Research in SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a composite whole that has numerous important facets that unite to form the cohesive utility of the optimization technique. One of these facets is keyword research. Targeting wrong keywords and phrases can lead to a detrimental process that might drastically reduce the traffic and the resultant business. The keyword research process, though elementary is still a vital cog in the wheel of SEO – Search Engine Optimization and can be divided into various phases.

Firms providing SEO services and SEM services should ideally follow the below mentioned phases for keyword research to arrive at accurate keywords specific to the business segment. The first phase involves breaking down popular misconceptions of knowing everything about keywords. No industry maven can predict the search terms that a normal user would key in to search for his site. Certainly not without proper research! Besides this, using keywords that are catchy and popular but are not related to the business would not achieve any objectives.

Yes, the traffic would increase but the real value proposition in term so business would dwindle as customers wouldn’t stick around. The next is brainstorming to arrive at the ideal keywords list which can be a pretty daunting task as every alternative, every possible option that a potential customer might key in to try and find you. Generic terms should be avoided at all costs and focus should be on words that are relevant.

Sneaking into competitor’s meta-tags and going one-up on them by coming up with better focused keywords might be a good idea too. With the keyword list ready, assistance from keyword tools should be enlisted which help narrow down the list of keywords to the ones that are highly attainable. A plethora of tools are available today noteworthy among which are Overture keyword selector tool, Wordtracker, Trellian Keyword Discovery ToolGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Suggest etc…

This exercise also helps locate useful synonyms which can take the form of probable keywords. Also the emphasis should be on locating keywords that would garner higher ranking and this should be held in comparison with the competitors. He final list of keywords based on their activity should be ideally out into a spreadsheet and segregated based on criterion viz: search volume, conversion rate and competition rate.

An ideal list would include a potent combination of broad as well as targeted words. Implementing these keywords into your site will definitely help you in the ranking process of search engines and will help attract traffic. But this is not the end of the toil as continuous alterations and modifications to the keyword list will only help in helping the consistent ranking of your site and will add to fruitful SEO – Search Engine Optimization activities.

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