Follow New Millennium of SMO Services: An Insight to Facebook Ads

The rise of social media has profoundly impacted the SMO services. Facebook is reported to be the most used website and number of people using Facebook is larger than the ones using Google. Mere advertising revenue generated by this social site is expected to move beyond $2 billion by the end of 2011. Facebook has become a major player and is emerging to help marketers make sense of how to use this new form of advertising most effectively.

Since the emergence of Facebook advertising, several questions have been raised as to who should market on these sites, what should be an ideal way to market, and how to judge Facebook performance? These should be answered through the article.

Advertising on Facebook is few simple steps. However, the challenge in front of professionals is to determine the result it would yield and also the Return on Investment (ROI). Facebook offers two types of advertisement-Pay per click and Pay per view. If you choose pay per click, the charges are applicable to you when a user clicks on your ad, whereas, in case of choosing pay per view, you have to pay every time your advertisement is displayed to the user. It allows you to set the bid amount. The range of bid amount is given, and the challenge is to pay suitable amount, which would rack you some profit.

Who should advertise on Facebook?

Who wouldn’t want to? Facebook is the site that users prefer and enjoy being on. 100 million unique visitors flock to the social network every month. This huge crowd is inclusive of companies who want to attract masses through profile creation for promotion and creating customer communities. Almost everyone has a legitimate reason to promote their business on Facebook and most prominent reason would be to consider effort versus reward tradeoffs.

Narrow your focus through demographics

Another factor to social media optimization on Facebook is demographic advertisement. Facebook provides an option to choose your demography. You can view and choose your target audience and invest accordingly. Plan your targeting parameters that warrant your effort and dollars to test it out.

Demography is an important aspect when targeting your audience. It sounds simple, but in real sense, it is very difficult to select audience who would be your future customers. If not paid heed to, your entire campaign may fall on face and you could suffer major losses. Therefore, analyze user’s profile information, very carefully. Promote your business to the users who like your website or to friends of such users. You can also advertise to people who enter certain keywords in their profile or status that would help you to relate to.

Creating your Ads

Once you are through the analysis phase and have decided to gain high ROIs through social media optimization services, it’s time to create ads appealing to the user. Traditional advertisement methods won’t work here as users have lot more on Facebook to pay heed to. Remember, you need to make an impression dealing with atleast three different ads running along with yours, friends’ notifications, photos, statuses, attractive videos, comments, game highlights, and much more. Create something that would capture user attention and persuade them to become a customer.

Creating pop-up ads have proven to be one of the solutions. Choose your pop-up ads carefully as they can also be annoying at times and may lead to high cost and no conversion.

Tracking performance

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”? It applies here. Facebook does track the clicks or views to your advertisement, however, it doesn’t have a potential to record user activities once they reach your site. Is it that users just wandered through your website, they needed information on your product, or did they turn up to be your customers? Therefore, it is critical to own a proper multi-exposure attribution system. Also, it is good to have a tracking tool of your own. Google Analytics is one such tool which is free and starts at about $10 a month, to track which Facebook ads result in purchases.

It is strongly recommended to use imagery featuring a person’s headshot when advertising online. After clicking on your advertisement, the user is taken to a landing page where they will decide whether or not they will buy your product. Linking an external, campaign-specific landing page is more effective than linking to your brand’s Fan Page. Remember, Facebook rejects the ad that is deemed to risqué or if the language is offensive or lewd.

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