Citrix XenApp for Unrivaled Delivery of Hosted Application Development Services

Application hosting is the latest buzz word; however, we complicate the term ‘hosting’ by drawing clouds in our mind. In simple terms, hosted application development services mean that an application can be developed in a way that it can be installed on any web server and can be used from anywhere, anytime with the help of the Internet. Hosted applications are much like common web applications we come across every day.

Hosted application development service providers eliminate the need for purchase of hardware or software within the enterprises. This service also forbids the need of hiring skilled resources for continuous infrastructure management. Primarily, enterprises avail hosted application development services to cut costs and to pass on the headache of infrastructure or application management to the third-party by paying them regularly as per the usage.

There are multiple benefits of availing hosted application development services, as follows:

Focus on the core business: It allows enterprises to forget the hassle of managing their application infrastructure and concentrate on core business activities and key operations to leveraging profitability.

Security: Security is third-party’s responsibility. Promoting modern technology and safe environment, hosting solution providers protect your data all the time for theft or unauthorized access.

Integration with the latest platforms: The application is not platform-bound. It can run in any environment increasing the accessibility. Application can be used through any standard browser.

How are hosted solutions delivered?

The delivery of hosted applications requires the hosting of applications in the centralized servers called data centers. Then, these applications are available for remote accessibility via users’ connection to the hosting server with the help of the web. The application works on users’ device in a seamless fashion.

A variety of leaders have jigged into developing and hosting solutions. However, the efficient delivery of such solutions come from Citrix XenApp—the technology that gains trust of some of the largest enterprises for many years now. Citrix is one technology that will become obsolete; its concepts will be developed further though.

Citrix XenApp is a Windows application delivery system. It manages applications into a datacenter and delivers to users anywhere on any device.

Citrix XenApp is a simple solution with a plethora of features. It understands your enterprise requirement and facilitates hosting in the most efficient manner.  It performs the following:

XenApp is intelligent. It performs load management to set up, monitor and balance the server and published applications’ load.  Load manager enhances the user experience by ensuring that each new session request is forwarded to a server that is not overloaded. It allows you to add your criteria, which will help to cater to your organization’s requirements. XenApp also allows you to perform preferential load balance. Along with this, XenApp performs CPU Utilization Management, Resource Management and so on.

XenApp provides the perfect virtual environment for organization to run hosted application development service. It offers all enterprise activities at users’ fingertips. Looking at the potential of smartphones, XenApp also renders the application accessibility over various mobile devices.

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