iPhone App development: “Color” the “Cloud” Red

Future holds mobile and mobile apps. We know and hear about it all the time via various mediums. Will the limited mobile capacity in terms of processors, storage etc. let it happen? This article covers cloud and its usage in mobile devices along with a new app “Color” based on Cloud. We have been learning about wide growth in mobile market and foreseeing its future. A constant increase in the no. of apps and smart phone launches gives a vision of never-ending convenience to smart phone users. I see everything mobilized right from turning on my bathroom geyser to switching the AC on, even when I am not at home. Future may also involve one-tap grocery shopping, controlling treadmills, and driving car with a single tap on your touch screen phone. IPhone app developer will surely make it possible involving the Cloud power.

The Magic of Cloud

Limited processing power, battery life, and data storage will limit mobile application growth in the mass market, even among smart phones like Apple’s iPhone.

Cloud computing has brought unprecedented sophistication to mobile applications. Cloud span varied users right from business users gaining benefit from collaboration and data sharing apps, personal users gaining from remote access programs allowing them to monitor home security systems through PCs or DVRs to social networking users by sharing photos and video or incorporating their phone address books and calendars.

Why cloud? Following may add to reasons:

  • Service Based: Well defined interfaces that require very little or no training for the end user.
  • Scalable and Elastic: Cloud aims to provide on demand service so you can put as many servers as and when required. Rocket speed service (say good bye to turtles). Cloud aims to stop over-provisioning of IT-resources. Use half the amount of resources while using cloud. Cloud is powerful, very powerful.
  • Shared: Utilization of the same pool of resources.
  • Pay by use: Use cloud services as much required and pay only according to your utilization. For example, you can increase your server utilization for a particular period and get back to previous usage after the season.

Color for iPhone and Android

Color is a revolutionary new app from, Bill Nguyen; iPhone application developers eliminate storage capacity concerns due to the use of Cloud. Color is poised to change the way you view mobile photo sharing and social networking. Color is much of a real-time usage application that eliminates the process of signing in and joining friends to social networks like Facebook. It simplifies photo, videos and data sharing even further.

How does it work?

Imagine being updated with photos videos and comments from friends and strangers in the middle of a party, in the concerts, birthday parties of even weddings. Color has brought you just that. The app works by detecting photos, videos and other things shared by people in your vicinity. It allows viewing and commenting on photos. Looks like smart phones are bringing back that sense of place and face-to-face interaction.

Color is one of the first apps to make all photos, videos and comments on a smart phone visible to others in your vicinity without having to involve a camera or email or upload images. It uses an algorithm that detects which smart phones loaded with the app are within a 150-foot radius. That radius expands when Color senses clusters of people and phones, say at a restaurant or a Cricket world cup match.

Color involves reviving public interaction in a society where people have become physically dislocated. Photos and videos are easily searchable as the thumbnail images are stored as per dates and time it was taken. In order to retrieve images you can scroll through days, weeks, or months. Tapping a thumbnail of your touch screen devices shows you not only photos but also the activity and contextual information letting you see what was involved, who saw it, and whatever conversations it sparked.

Security Concerns

Security concerns are the two words directly associated to strangers. As soon as people like me see something shared publicly, privacy-related issues occur to them. Don’t worry; in case of Color, iPhone application programmer took care that security layer gets integrated. Color maintains a strict public use policy to ensure that everything shared is appropriate for all ages. The software is tied to a smart phone user’s id and hence any violation of decency can result in permanent suspension of service for a specific handset.

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