iPhone mobile application development: Demystifying the reason behind iPhone Euphoria

iPhone mobile application development euphoria began five years ago. Since then, Apple has reached quite a milestone. According to Apple’s latest statistics, it sold its 250 millionth iPhone device last week. Today, Apple acquires a major share of the smart phone market. In fact, Wall Street analysts are even betting on the future of the magnificent iPhone device. In their view, the next quarter billion will prove more effective. Isn’t the sales figure shocking for something that is not as ubiquitous as a ham burger? Why do you think are people ready on their toe to shell out a whopping amount of $299 or more to upgrade their iPhones on the very launch day? How an iPhone lures so many buyers?

How iPhone became the godfather of the smart phone industry?

With Steve Job’s vision of featuring technology at finger tips, Apple’s first iPhone was debuted in the year 2007. Since then, Apple set a breakneck pace that set an industry standard. With the latest innovation and technological advancement, Apple kept revising and re-versioning its iPhone device with splendid features that seldom hit the users’ desire-list or imagination. The iPhone craze comes from this awe; the awe of getting something unexpected. With each release, Apple showcased the best functionality embedded into a device as small as an iPhone. These features were always a secret, which made iPhone a social and emotional product over years.

After hardware, iPhone app store plays an imperative role. iPhone enables its users to perform a world of things by downloading apps. The Apple app store led to the flourishing sector of iPhone mobile application development. The flexibility of iOS accommodates every unique concept in the form of applications. Today, Apple app store comprises of more than 500 thousand applications, supporting the sprouting of various iPhone mobile application development companies. As technology advances, we will see more and more apps extending the users’ ability, offering their pockets a power that they had never imagined.

The future possibility of iPhone and iPhone mobile application development

Just after the massive success of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is round the corner. Wireless technology is unstoppable. Many things happen at every fall; and Apple is responsible to collate every bit of innovation and build a powerful giant. iPhone 5 is expected to be a similar outcome, not confirmed though. Rumors are around that a new iPhone would attribute the following:

Passbook: The new passbook is designed to store users’ travel passes, coupons and loyalty cards. According to some tech watchers, the next program will include the extensive payment program powered by Near-Field communication technology. Yes, we have been learning about NFC integration since a long time; however, successful NFC integration relies on a lot of factors, which may not be geared up as yet. Let’s just hope to see a bit of NFC in the next iPhone.

Security: With NFC, and the prosperity of iPhone mobile application development into business sector comes, stringent security. For the paranoid IT managers, Apple has recently spoken to Authentec, a largest wireless security provider.

4G LTE: It is believed that the new release will portray a QUALCOMM chip that will let iPhone connect with 3G GSM and 4G LTE service.

With all this and more, iPhone device and iPhone mobile application development is set to draw high expectations, allowing users to perform a world of things at a meager price, when compared to the possibilities it offers.

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