Characteristics of a Dependable Java Development Company: Get Apps that Can Combat Attacks

Applications built today are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks and SQL injections. One of the reasons for application vulnerability could be its weak architecture built using a weak programming language. Java is the solution. Even today, amid many dynamic programming languages, Java scores the brownie points. Top enterprises have portals built using Java enterprise version for highly-secured yet flexible access.  Another reason why Java is preferred is its versions. Java is neatly segregated into a no. of versions suited for the various types of environments or platforms. For example, J2ME is suitable for mobile devices. Blackberry platform supports the applications built using J2ME.

Applications can also be vulnerable due to deficient knowledge of a programming language. Although Java is used for application development, an improper implementation through half the knowledge may still result into an application with loopholes. These applications can run functionally but are not strong enough to combat attacks. Hence, for robust Java applications those are built on strong architecture, using best design, it makes sense to hire a good Java application development company. However, in the marketplace full of Java development companies, how would one make out which is the best? In this article, we will help you know the characteristics of good Java developer, as follows:

Experience kept at an arm’s length: It is often assumed that more experience yields better results. Indeed it does. However, I would suggest that clients must choose a developer with 5 years of experience on five substantially different projects than choosing a dev with 10 years of experience working in one environment. Such developers who have handled diverse projects understand various methods of doing a particular thing. Others simply keep adding a lot of code to the program, which is ripped at the later stage.

Has curiosity plus adaptability: A good developer will always carry a healthy skepticism about past implementations. A java development company, which has handled projects applying a variety of frameworks and techniques, will always be open to try different methodologies. They have an innovative approach and are curious to employ new practices, adding interactivity to your web app.

Persuasive communication: A project explained and delivered; these are not the only stages in project development. Communication plays a vital role and hence a developer must communicate persuasively at every stage of the project. Dev must confirm the project details before starting the project and must explain what is good for the project. A good Java application development company deploys communication tools and trains its developers on how to understand the audience and tailor communication accordingly.

Simplicity over Novelty: Always remember that a simple and short code is a key to success. A simple code is a maintainable code, and a maintainable code is a good code. A good Java application development company will always answer these questions in yes: Are the methods discrete and kept as short as possible? Is the code easy to understand? Are the comments giving a proper understanding?

Look at the resume, check the code and test the company on the above parameters, you are sure to know whether or not a company is worth investing your valuable time and money.


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