Mountain Lion Review: Best Advantage for Mobile Application Development Agency

With your Mac, you always moved faster. Thanks to Apple’s concern for its users.  Technology wise, Apple is at least half a decade ahead of other platforms, be it the Mac machine or iOS based mobile devices.   Once bought, Apple devices have been worth each penny spent. Maybe that’s the reason it hits the top selling gadget list in the world. Apple always introduced the best technology that, in a way, keeps a variety of mobile application development agency hold up, due to the leveraged demand of Apple apps from users.

Keeping in pace with its innovative stride, Apple launched its advanced desktop operating system that enables the Mac, iPad and iPhone to work even better together, offering a new opportunity to a variety of mobile application development agency to develop apps for its new platform. The Mountain Lion—Apple’s new OSX—isn’t dramatically different than what you will find in its predecessor, 10.7 OSX Lion. It won’t be unfair to say that the Mountain Lion is essentially for the newer versions of Mac; for example, iMac, MacBook AirLite, Mac Mini and so on.

For the first time, Apple’s new version is available for direct online buy. It can be easily downloaded and installed only with a few OKs. Poor bandwidth connection may be a hindrance; however, the problem will be faced by a very small group. If you have a compatible Mac, you’ll be running 10.8 soon because the app you count on may run require 10.8, thereby giving you no option but to install it at the earliest.

One of the great advantages of upgrading to Lion goes to every Mobile application development agency. This upgrade makes it possible to have an iPad experience. The end result of this Mac upgrade is it’s a PC in which your data and user experience flow between the desktop and mobile devices freely.

Ability to articulate data in a single enormous library is a powerful concept, which is possible through iCloud. iCloud makes perfect sense in the world well connected and in the world which desire the information at a click irrespective of the device it is operating. It simplifies modern computing and takes away some of the worse annoyances.

“Share” button is another killer feature. Mountain Lion includes rightly placed “Share” buttons across the system. Each time you hit “Share”, believe me, you save one annoying step. It is just so easy to share any kind of data that seems appropriate.

Apparently, there also exists a darker side to the Mountain Lion. It seems Apple forgot to fix the most basic issue before setting the launch—the battery draining problem. A variety of mobile application development agency has also reported a similar issue.  Many Mac users who upgraded to 10.8 have reported that their device battery life has seen a significant drop after upgrading their OS, but Apple has taken a notice of the issue and working fast to fix it.

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