Nofollow Tag Implementation and Its Impact

The recent spurt in the need for web based promotional and e-marketing entities has led to widespread awareness about organic SEO services, SEO services, SMO services, SMO-Social Media Optimization, Digital Marketing and PPC campaigns. All the above mentioned SEO services are bundled together and offered by SEO services companies to enhance ROIs of businesses who adopt the online route for propagating their service offerings.It is generally known that search engines consider the number of inbound links to a site and the quality of the sites those links appear on as a criteria to determine the rank of the site. The recent awareness of this aspect of SEO – Search Engine Optimization has led to increasing amounts of link spam being submitted to blogs, forums, guest books to garner higher rankings and was skewing up ranking results of all major search engines. Google, to counter this issue, came up with the “nofollow” attribute for links. This nofollow tag in hyperlinks makes Google realize that these links do not get credit in Google’s ranking system. The general form of the “nofollow” tag is

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Spam link</a>

SN Search and Yahoo Search joined the bandwagon along with other blogging software companies and services providers such as WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal. In case of Word press in fact it actually requires a special plugin to strip out the “nofollow” tag from the comments. This of course does not deter spammers but now the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of search engines are not cluttered as before. Important consideration with respect to “nofollow” tags is that while commenting on blogs in the hopes to get back links, one should probably check the source code to see if it has “nofollow” tags. Another issue to be considered with respect to “nofollow” is that if articles are being offered for reproduction with a view to boosting inbound links, it might be a right option to specify that live links in the article cannot have the “nofollow” tag added.

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