OffPage Optimization Explained

SEO – Search Engine Optimization has found firm ground and planted itself in the e-marketing arena. Specialized firms offering Professional SEO services provide promises to get your website higher up in the Google rankings. On Page Optimization garners more attention due to its compelling nature, but the Off Page Optimization of a website is just as important. Dealing with the elements of a website that are not directly related to the web page and yet contribute towards getting links and attracting traffic back to the website is the essence of Off Page Optimization.Off Page Optimization is a part of the SEO services package offered by IT solutions and service providers and includes such aspects that cannot be controlled by you or by the coding for the creation of the web page. It involves various techniques such as inbound links, click density, article submission, directory submission, press releases, Blogging, domain name etc… inbound linking is not a new concept and has been around for quite some time now, but the way in which it was leveraged led to it being almost relegated to being a Black Hat SEO technique. Contemporary inbound linking has now been defined as the linked pages to have relevant related content. Exchanging links to increase traffic is acceptable but spamming inboxes with link exchange requests is totally outrageous.

Article submission entails submitting unique content based interesting articles to free article publishing sites. These articles should contain relevant topics and content related to your website and should be posted in the right section of the article site. Successful one way links can be built out of this exercise and traffic can be diverted to your site while still adhering to the White Hat SEO guidelines. Some of the article submission sites with higher page ranks charge a fee considering the increasing awareness about Online Website Marketing and Website Promotion.

Directory submission involves submitting our webpage to a directory with a brief description of the services offered etc… If implemented in the right way with proper anchor tags it can increase search rankings in an effective manner. The key here is to understand that this is an art ad it takes a lot of research and time to distinguish and designate genuine directories. Based on the page ranks of these directory sites, there may or may not be charges for submission. Also the time taken for approval may differ based on the site’s credibility and goodwill.

Press releases about new products and services that you launch can be submitted to sites and can be linked back to your page. Blogging is another new and exciting concept in terms of back linking. Owning a blog that describes your services and then helps the exchange of links and increase in traffic is an effective way of Off Page Optimization.

Domain names for websites are elemental as they are the first to be tagged by search engines when displaying SERPs. Having a relevant domain that includes keywords and described your services can be an ideal approach.

Off Page Optimization forms an equal if not more important part of SEO – Search Engine Optimization and therefore should be given due importance in its implementation to attain the best possible results.

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