Pillars of Development Industry – Dot Net Consultant and .Net Developers India

An expert is the one who knows what lies in every nook and corner. A .Net consultant helps client providing them solutions, building a complete architecture, and maintaining a long-term consulting relationship with your company.What does it take to become one?

Being a .Net Consultant is not an overnight task. It comes from extensive experience and unmatchable knowledge. He is expected to solve each problem that the client faces sometimes even problems that an IT admin should solve. He must probe himself before taking up a project that whether or not he will be able to do justice to the project. He is responsible of maintaining long term projects as they prove beneficial. His major task is to gain client’s trust such that the client believes that a consultant is a solution to their problems.

Dot Net Application Development

How are consultants beneficial?

He should be able to make a correct diagnosis of the problem faced by client with the help of thorough study of the critical factors involving system. Identifying client’s need is of utmost importance; it can be done in several ways like asking open-ended questions, observing the behavior of the users, preparing questionnaires, and so on. Productive way of analysis such as observing user behavior would help them understand the actual needs that user may be incapable of communicating. Understanding the requirement won’t do everything but providing the answer to client’s need to his satisfaction level is also important. Furthermore, they also improve managerial performance and achieve employee satisfaction and motivation.

Consultants help you achieve goals through:

  • Consulting, advising, and designing programs to fill the gaps between the actual situation and the desired one
  • Coaching, guiding, training (different levels)
  • Developing management and supervisory skills and know-how
  • Defining the company’s mission, goals, and objectives
  • Assessing the actual situation
  • Identifying training and operational needs
  • Improving organizational communications
  • Improving work performance
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Raising the levels of organizational performance and achievements
  • Achieving Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Enlarging the company’s customer base and market segment.

The next step to your fully-functional business

After setting up an environment with the help of consultation, you need to hire .net developers to create software projects for you. Since Mobile application development is in boom, we will discuss development in terms of mobile applications here. Mobile application development using visual studio is one of the easy, secure, and reliable methods.

How does a mobile web application communicate with visual studio framework? It’s a mobile browser file that contains definitions for hundreds of the top individual mobile devices and browsers that hit Microsoft mobile sites. At run time, ASP.NET uses the information in the request header to determine what type of device/browser has made the request.

When it detects that the mobile device is requesting access and is hitting your site, it makes 67 capabilities available describing the requesting device. These capabilities range from screen size to cookie support to CSS support. It’s everything you need to adaptively render content for mobile phones and devices.

This information is exposed to the .net developers India through the Request Browser property. The schema of .browser file is Browser Definition File Schema and the format is XML. The Browser Definition File was introduced in the .NET Framework version 2.0. In earlier versions of the .NET Framework, the browser-caps element was used to define browser definitions in configuration files.

Therefore it is concluded that Visual studio platform provides complete support to mobile web application development in easier way. However, to set up your business you would need both: consultants for guiding you through every step and developers to develop cool applications for your users or clients.

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