Want Rapid Web Application Development? Only OpenXava Delivers Quality

In the fast growing internet world, saving time is of the biggest virtue; how? Enterprises are fully reliant on web applications these days. On an average, each enterprise needs a CRM, ERP, intranet portal and so on thereby making rapid web application development an important aspect for smooth functioning and leveraged profitability.

Web Application Development

Keeping this in mind, we evaluated technologies that would best suit corporate to build robust web applications in almost half the time as compared to the conventional approach. And we knew it would turn out to be Java.  Since the inception of Java, enterprises have accepted Java in different forms and versions. Java is the only programming language that offers a pure object oriented environment and understands the corporate very well.

With advantages such as quick web development, deployment, scalable structure, flexibility, and portability, Java is the first word that occurs to every programmer’s mind when we talk about building complex business applications. Java is reliable because stable Java standards help developers create multilevel applications with MVC (component-based) approach.

Rapid web application development framework

Like every latest programming language, Java too has frameworks to enable fast and efficient development environment.  OpenXava is one such Java framework that is well- known for rapid web application development. OpenXava is well-suited for business and database oriented applications, but its approach for rapid web application development differs from those that use visual environments (such as Visual Basic or scripting languages such as PHP). It uses a model-driven approach, thereby allowing enterprises to stay productive even while maintaining a high level of encapsulation. In this approach, Java classes remain at the core and ably model enterprise problem.

OpenXava is designed for a practical approach at programming with Java. It is based on two well-known ideas: concept of business development that forms the core of this framework and Model-Driven Development that enables neat programming in a rather light weight fashion.

OpenXava MDD is very complex. It requires large investment, time and high-end expertise; however, it uses only some important aspects of MDD during application development. Most of the full-fledged enterprise applications can be designed using business components alone, except some modification or tailoring for a perfect fit to organizational architecture.

OpenXava business components

The magic of OpenXava business components is readily available code. When developing an application, all you have to do is make some customizations or important alterations. In OpenXava main part to develop is business component, which is defined as a simple annotated Java class. This class contains code dealing with persistence, data structures, business logic, validation, etc.

Therefore, business components are the major building blocks for OpenXava-based application development. Nevertheless, there are plenty of additional elements available to customize your application for that perfect fit.

Auto-generating User Interface, is it user-friendly?

Besides the internal functionality, OpenXava is flexible and auto-generates the user-interface for your application. Does it seem too much? Do you suspect the output? Not need to worry. OpenXava is programmed for generating rich UIs even for the most complex applications. Besides, it offers the facility to customize UI according to the user’s need.

All in all, today, OpenXava application development is the best practice if you want your apps to quickly launch on the web. This framework is not only popular for its rapid web application development, but also for the quality of apps it generates.

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