RIM development: The Old Horse Stood Back, This Time, for Winning

After facing so many downs, RIM development did not lose its courage and is ready to stand again with its amazing products and strategies, described in this article. However, there are always some hinges while progressing. Read more to find out whether RIM will be able to make it to the winning zone or will fall back on its face. For all the blackberry fans here’s some good news! While Apple and Android are ruling the mobile kingdom, Research in Motion (RIM) is hoping for a miracle to again establish itself in the mobile market. I completely believe in the saying that critics bring out the best in you. I guess, something similar has happened with Research in Motion. Improvement after improvement has been noticed in the services and recent products launched or yet to be launched. Let me put some light on the latest good things happened to Blackberry (BB).

BB’s Analytics

Coming to the most recent and launched service of Research in Motion is Blackberry Analytics Beta version. Finally, RIM development has taken an initiative to make developers happy. Analytics is an SDK that can be integrated with Java-based apps and installed on consumer’s mobile to track user activities like which application is frequently, opened, closed or use by user and also has an ability to track for how long the application was used. Further, number of screen views, carriers, device models as well as usage time can also be tracked. It also provides built-in reports for media playback, product views and more, which makes this SDK no nonsense studio to track how consumers use their apps, naturally aiding any improvements they might make in the future.

Get playing this summer

Coming to the latest and the best gadget from BB, PlayBook Tablet, you already must have heard a lot about it. There is no doubt that PlayBook is very smart device. It is faster; and in fact faster than iPad2 and even Motorola Xoom. This is attributed by QNX breeding as a Real Time OS. QNX is a thoroughbred, built for high performance and reliability, which has proven itself in the field with extremely demanding applications.

PlayBook allows you to switch applications easy and quick to navigate between running tasks, and you can see everything running in the background as you move between running apps.

Like WebOS, PlayBook’s UI uses a similar “card” paradigm, which allows you to chance context between apps by using flipping gestures across the device’s screen. News don’t stop doing rounds of BB, HP has accused BB for having copied the UI designed for its upcoming tablet. However, PlayBook would come up as a great survivor only if it costs somewhere near to or less than a current version iPad. Also, some features like its battery life etc. are still to be revealed at the time of its official launch, which according to the Rumors is on 10th of April 2011.

The PlayBook is not even on shelves yet, but already the firm is talking about upgrades to it coming just a few months after the launch–probably in summer. Research in Motion, at the game developer conference, said that that it would be getting an upgrade to Sprint’s 4G and some other minor updates this summer.

Gift an App

The above things made several techies and Blackberry applications developers happy. But, RIM also took an initiative to cheer not-so-techie consumers. Recent news revealed that RIM has announced plans to add gift functionality to its App world online market. It ensures letting you buy and send apps airtime or other carrier services. Carrier billing charge purchases right to your account and facilitates paying via credit card and alternate methods. Now, gift your loved ones their favorite app in a high-tech ways to show your love.

This may finally bring-in many BB lovers back to it. Although, still Research in Motion has to improve its business strategies like its weird requirement as per rumor says that you get maximum functionality from PlayBook only if are an existing one BB user. However, several Research in Motion developers involved in Blackberry application development have written blogs to let out their frustration about working with RIM. They have condemned the BB development environment and its $200 per 10 apps policy which is indeed an exorbitant amount as compared to the development in one of the best OS platforms like iOS and Android.

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