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Reading the below article, you will gain basic understanding to social networking sites, its history, significance, and future developments. Some important features relating to various networking sites have also been listed in this article.

Social networking sites do not need any definition as majority of us know that it is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building social relations among people and used for Social Network Development. These sites are extensively used for varied purposes over internet. After the famous social networking site, Orkut, came into existence, there has been a tremendous development in such sites. Many sites have come up since then offering variety of unique features.

Social networking developers have a wide scope for business as they are used by variety of people. They are required even by the corporate world to help them enhance their business through publicity of their products and reach innumerable audiences with their product details, at once. Providing demo of the products to many prospect clients, using these sites, is the business trick in vogue today.

History of Social Networking Development

Social networking sites were first formed in 1997 through formation of some company called This is one of its kinds; then, there were several other sites noticed that allowed to share photos, some allowed to keep in touch with your school/college buddies, some were used for business reasons, for sharing, for exchanging journals with friends, and so on. However, majority of them did not work well and some of them even closed down. There were several reasons to be considered for their permanent shut-down like: Many people connecting to internet at that time had not formed many social networks, less internet security for personal details, dating portals required users to give their profiles but they could not share other people’s websites. Linking former school mates was possible but the link could not be shared with others.

Significance in today’s world

This section talks about the current and future situation across the globe. Websites like Facebook is a complete transformation of what we had earlier. As compared to dumped networking sites, we can do multitasking on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Netizens have become smart and have the ability and freedom to express themselves using such websites. Some of the altered features over the old sites are as follows:

  • Status: Post what’s on your mind and everyone in your friend list and friends linked to your friends can see it.
  • Games: Friendly, light-weighted online games with vast features for your entertainment
  • Chat: Talk to your friends even across the globe on whichever page you are, without navigating away.
  • Add photos and videos: Mark your favorite videos, songs, and photos online and share them with the world
  • Stay connected with your favorite celebrities, ask them questions, and see what’s happening in their lives.
  • Share your opinion and exercise freedom to express by writing blogs on whatever that comes to your mind.
  • Share your blogs on prominent networking sites by just one click.
  • Toolbar access is the new feature that helps in one click browsing on these websites.
  • Promote your business.
  • Advertising was never made this easy and inexpensive.
  • Gain knowledge/education through e-book, journal, and other informative things online with thousands of people, at once.
  • Dating portals: Find your soul mate, share thoughts, and ask them for a date.

There is much more to what has been listed above. Forthcoming era of social networking sites have planned to make the Social graph portable; which means right now our social graph has been held captive by social websites, which will be soon made portable and Social network developers have made some progress on this front. Other changes like: Third-party tools will embed social features in websites and networking becoming pervasive will continue the trend of social networking sites and connect the world as one entity.

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