Spring Web Development Widens its Horizons on Cloud with Scala and PaaS

In this article, we thought of explaining you the actual concepts of Cloud; explaining you what Scala and PaaS are, and their association with Spring Java web programming and News taking rounds of Java’s integration with Cloud computing. As per the latest news, Spring architecture framework’s founder says, “Java must evolve for cloud computing”. According to Johnson, rather than dealing with low-level infrastructure working with PaaS is better. Java is a good fit as PaaS offering a programming model such as Spring web development. For this, Java would need continuous productivity increases and it must accommodate non-relational data stores.

An open-source platform for Cloud, Cloud Foundry, has declared seamless deployment of most of the Scala applications written for the Lift and Spring Java web programming. While many reporters have written about Scala and Cloud Foundry implementation, not many of us know what Scala is. Let’s take a look at Scala and what it has to offer, in detail.

What is Scala?

Scala is a general purpose programming language, which has simplified programming. It expresses common programming practices in an elegant and safe way. It integrates several features such as object-oriented and functional concepts from various programming languages. Spring Java web development was used for critical business application development; however, many organizations are now turning to Scala for better productivity, more reliability and scalability.

Scala has been specifically adopted by various top-notch companies such as Twitter to increase scalability. Scala has seamlessly handled the increasing popularity of Twitter.

Scala and Spring Framework Architecture Integration

Scala seamlessly integrates with Java. Many Java programmers have switched to Scala as they can easily build applications with only a few keystrokes and saving syntactic overhead. It includes an incredible problem solving power while making Java code fully reusable. Java’s power was long ago realized; however, its syntax needed to be changed. Scala offers just that. It gained better uniformity of object-oriented, functional programming concepts, and critical problem solving concurrency from Java.

Scala supports Spring Framework architecture while supporting Java. In fact, we can say that Scala is just a higher and better version of Java. Scala is mature and highly reliable with years of implementation. It allows making full use of existing Java libraries and application code. Programmers can call Scala from Java and Java from Scala. If you know Spring Java web programming well, you know half the Scala. Also, it runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It comfortably interoperates with .Net and Java.

Spring Java web development on Cloud with PaaS Concept (Explained)

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way applications are built and run. Cloud is famous as it eliminates cost of managing, buying, configuring and evaluating all the hardware. Cloud simply offers no installation for development and one click deployment with the help of PaaS. Well, what is PaaS?

PaaS stands for “Platform as a service”. What’s the role of PaaS? PaaS is basically a programming platform compatible with Cloud computing. PaaS solutions are development platforms, whose development tool already exist in Cloud and can be accessed through a browser. You have come across PaaS, if you did not require installing development tools for building applications and if you could deploy those applications without any specialized skill.

There cannot be anything better than Java to act as PaaS on Cloud. Spring Java web development, Spring outsourcing services and Spring offshore services are now in great demand due to Cloud.

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