Why Magento Developer is Top-Most Choice For E-Commerce Development

E-commerce is an enormously competitive field and almost every dealer is creating his/her online presence. E-commerce website development is in boom, today. With arrival of several CMS, it is difficult to judge which one is best suited to your business requirements. Let’s sort it out one after the other. In order to find out which platform performs the best, we need to first sort whether to choose an open-source or a closed-source platform.

Closed vs. open-source advantage

While comparing closed vs. open source, we all know the answer would be open-source and the reason is it’s free. Is it the only thing developers look for? No. Open source is indeed preferable as it has a lot of people working on it to build a concrete code and make sure that the software is easy to use. Majority of people join in to write how-to’s, improve the code, structure and performance. You can see the number of people involved to constantly improve the software. It is customizable and that’s its major advantage. You can create apps that stand out using its flexibility to customization.

Closed-source software mean less experience, however, providers are happy to provide service. Closed-source emphasizes more on security is a convenience, as it cuts down on the development time and cost.

In closed-source, a smaller community means less experience and collective knowledge. You often pay higher cost, which includes software and its services. In conclusion, majority of developers prefer using open-source systems for developing those top listed software and gaining great development experience.

The Top CMS

The community belonging to Magento developers has brought this CMS to the top-most position. It provides well-structured source code, which allows easier collaboration between developers and Magento designers and an overall smoother workflow. It makes sure that developers experience rich architecture that allows spontaneous plug-in and extension development, while designers have access to a powerful, template system.

With $25-billion so far in transactions and over two million downloads, it is truly the most feature-rich and customizable e-commerce platform available. It is capable of handling order management and store frond-end capacity. Search marketing, catalogue management and customer administration is the back-end’s job including the strong support from its community. Suitable for medium to large businesses, this platform makes it easier to integrate with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Introduction in Technical aspects of e-commerce application

Building on components of the Zend Framework, Magento is an e-commerce application treasured by every developer. Easy integration of various components is the key to its success. Being an open source, it is a very powerful and fast growing e-commerce script.

This platform endured using Zend PHP and MySQL databases and offers great flexibility through its modular architecture. It is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options that its users appreciate. It is designed and built from the ground up and allows for easy development and scalability.

Magento’s role in E-commerce

Look and feel of the store is the first point that attracts user. With this platform, it is easy to manipulate the look and feel of your store. You can manage and design remarkable catalogues for your business. It allows complete control over the content. And more to it, it is flexible and open to customizations for the development of exceptional eCommerce sites. Several merchandising and marketing features can be added to sophisticate your website, as follows:

  • Customizable Layout Design
  • Configurable Promotions
  • Variety of shopping carts
  • Payment gateway integration (some famous gateways such as PayPal has joined in)
  • E-newsletter management
  • Up-selling as well as cross selling
  • Superior analytics and reports
  • Online Inventory management
  • Wish lists

The success of Magento as an open-source platform can be known only by its statistics. With more than 750,000 downloads so far, it has set a record. Its versatility and freedom sets it apart from any other platform, and converts more qualified customers leading to business and growth. There is no limit to creativity with Magento developer.

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