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Cakephp Programming

GMI has a goal of developing substantial web applications based on proven and stable frameworks that minimize the rework and increase the code reusability. GMI adopted CakePHP rapid development platform for reliable development, management and deployment of the applications. Keeping a keen watch on the quick technology transformation in the market, GMI believes in implementing extensibility. Keeping good knowledge of online environment, we create web applications with seamless scalability.

Reinventing itself, PHP developer community came up with a robust CakePHP application development framework, which helps in faster application development and makes it easy for users to interface with the database with active records. It also encourages use of the model-view-controller architectural pattern encouraging easy customization and extensibility of major aspects of your application.

CakePHP website development framework can handle every aspect of application development, from the user’s initial request all the way to the final rendering of a web page. GMI provides facility to hire CakePHP developers from its resource allocation services. Our skilled developers build interactive application charging you only for the work performed. We offer hiring services on daily/weekly/monthly basis. As communication is the key to understanding, we use the latest methods of communication.

There are several other benefits of employing CakePHP development services from GMI, as follows:

  • Use of CakePHP rapid development for robust web applications
  • Web 2.0 style applications development
  • Development after extensive research
  • Innovation by abiding to the client requirements
  • Experienced professionals with knowledge in cutting-edge technology
  • Dedicated team for each project

We have proven expertise in the following segments of CakePHP development, India:

  • Social Networking Website Development
  • Portal Development
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Real estate website development
  • Entertainment Website Development
  • Business Website Development
  • CakePHP Ajax based Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway integration
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