Cloud based Mobile Solution for Patient Information Management

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Client Requirements

The client is an IT solutions firm offering time saving, innovative and result-oriented web, cloud and mobile based solutions for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. The company provides advanced IT solutions to streamline the billing and coding procedures and to increase charge captures for achieving excellent ROI in healthcare industry.

The client wanted to upgrade their Android based mobile application for doctors for efficient patient information management through cloud technology. They required an effective patient information management system with mobility so that they can easily manage information related to their patients and sessions through mobile technology. They looked out for an effective and simple solution for their billing processes.

Client expected the following features or functionalities to be added to the system:

  • Retrieving patient information through barcode scanning
  • Cloud implementation for patient information management
  • Patient session management
  • Inter doctor messaging
  • ICD codes based session billing
  • Cross covering or reassigning a patient to other doctor

Project Challenges

The team faced the following challenges:

  • Understanding the existing application of the client and upgrading it as per the their requirement specifications
  • ICD code implementation for session billing
  • OCR based barcode scanning
  • Implementation of inter doctor messaging feature
Technologies Used


Android Studio IDE Android Studio is an IDE that is designed to give a powerful, integrated environment to build Android applications.
Operating System Android 3.0 & above


Project Leader 1
Android Developers 1
Web Designers 1
Quality Assurance Testers 1


Pre-planning the process of development before actually getting into it is an important activity for successful strategy based software development. Our developers are very well aware of this fact and hence, planned out a clear strategy to get on with the development process after thoroughly understanding the client’s needs. As the client’s requirement was to enhance their existing mobile application, our need was to initially understand their existing system in order to make enhancements to it. Hence, in the initial phase of the development, we made efforts to understand the functionalities and architecture of the existing mobile application of the client. Based on this analysis and the requirements of the client, we worked out an efficient way to implement the cloud based patient information management system within the timelines promised.


The mobile application is based on the basic Android application architecture as shown below.

Cloud based Mobile Solution for Patient Information Management Architecture

Development Highlights

The best part of this system was its cloud based implementation. Our developers with their expertise and skills were able to satisfy this need successfully. The latest technologies and tools were implemented to develop the patient information management system with advanced features like barcode scanning, inter doctor messaging and patient cross covering. Features of favoritizing and billing of sessions with ICD-10 codes were the topmost highlights of this Android application development project which our developers were able to achieve with their deep Android skills and knowledge.

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