CMS for Management of Monetization Training Resources

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Client Requirements

The client is a digital marketing company providing efficient strategies for marketing and data monetization to their customers. The digital marketing and consulting firm serves the data monetization and marketing requirements of affiliate networks and marketers, web based education companies, software development firms, ecommerce retailers, various non-profit organizations etc.

The client required us to build an online CMS system for efficient management of their monetization training resources. They required a web based content management system for promoting their brand and monetizing resources online.

The client wanted us to create a members section for their users so that they can become the members and get easy, online access to the videos, workshops and other resources related to monetization training. The CMS platform should allow the users to download the training resources like PDF documents for free of cost while the monetization training videos are required to be purchased.

Client expected the following functionalities to be added to the system:

  • Developing the WordPress website from scratch
  • Customizing the membership plugin
  • Enabling a single user to purchase multiple videos without the previous purchased data getting deleted
  • Implementing a user-friendly website design

Project Challenges

Team faced the following challenges:

  • Membership plugin customization as per client’s needs
  • Implementing the functionality for allowing single user to purchase multiple videos such that the previous data of purchases made by the user does not get overwritten by the new one.
  • Designing the website with web usability principles in mind and to ensure easy navigation for every member of the website
Technologies Used
Operating System & Server Management Red Hat Linux OS, Security & SSL Implementation
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+,Wordpress, Apache Web Server, AJAX, Java ScriptHTML5, CSS3 etc.
Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization


Project Leader 1
Developers 2
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Testers 2


The following development approach was planned by our developers to achieve client’s needs of developing a reliable website for monetization training resources management.

  • User Interface Layer: It is responsible for the appearance of the website or say the Graphical User Interface of the website from where the user can view or interact with the site.
  • Data Access Layer: This contains the libraries that are responsible for the data access from the database.
  • Database Layer: It contains the database, stored procedures, tables and so on.
  • Business Logic Layer: This layer is responsible for all the business logic for various modules of the website like member profiles, payment and checkout etc.


PHP and MYSQL Server formed the basis of CMS development for our client’s website.

CMS for Management of Monetization Training Resources Architecture

Development Highlights

Highlight of this project was the membership plugin development which our developers were able to implement successfully using the latest WordPress technology. Our developers were able to implement the advanced technologies like PHP 5+, HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that client gets a competitive website for their needs. The judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls helped us develop a user-friendly and easily navigable website. Project was developed taking into consideration the web usability principles and standard web development approach.

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