Content Distribution

For years, we valued the content derived only from scholars; however, in this era of internet, every piece of information brings value. Internet made it easy for users to develop and share content at just a click thereby enabling User Generated Content (UGC) distribution.  In fact, the popularity of major social networking sites also relies on UGC. Right from sharing posts, photos, videos, comment, etc. all are the forms of UGC.

Content distribution, on a large scale, is used by business owners. It plays a major role for brand building. Targeting millions of users at once by distributing content in a specific community or on a social networking platform is in vogue today.

You need a content distribution system if:

  • You want to build up a brand
  • You want to target multiple groups and millions of users
  • You want to create an outstanding online experience for your customers
  • You want multimedia or a streaming video to reach a large no. of viewers

GMI’s role

In addition to enabling mobile communities with robust applications, GMI has built a strong repertoire of scalable content distribution services over wireless networks. With prior experience in wireless development, GMI has to its credit numerous feature-rich, versatile applications that empower handheld devices with web-like tools and seamless audio/video streaming capabilities.

GMI employs a social networking based business model and advertising-publisher portal system to integrate web-like connectivity and options into content-streaming apps distributed over different networks and a wide range of handsets. Adept at seeking every opportunity to maximize client success, GMI has implemented varied media solutions such as advertising channels, advertising content distribution and affiliate systems that consistently translate into measurable ROI’s. GMI can successfully equip your network with videos, banners, multimedia and Flash ads, podcasts etc to augment market reach and product visibility.

Advantage GMI

  • Cutting-edge development of content-streaming apps and media solutions across mobiles & handheld devices
  • Successful deployment of content distribution services and multimedia advertising solutions for mobile networks and communities
  • Strategic planning and implementation of complex advertising networks, advertiser-publisher hubs and numerous other advertising content distribution solutions
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