Corporate Philosophy

it’s a small world indeed

GMI is a thriving example of the concept of ‘flat earth’ – in its relentless endeavor for off-shoring excellence, GMI has surpassed physical boundaries and provided competitive IT solutions to markets scattered as far and wide as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. With the social networking revolution bringing commercial enterprises even closer, GMI believes that it’s a very small world indeed, where quality-assured services in web and entertainment content are just a mouse-click away. GMI is truly worldwide.

“Professionlism lies inknowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.”

GMI strongly believes in business expansion at appropriate time and in the right places to reduce risk and maximize shareholder benefits. With systematic future planning and proficient development & delivery models in place, clients are provided with accurate estimates of the work required from us. GMI doesn’t release false claims or showcase misleading offerings in any form. GMI delivers what it says it delivers and does it on time. GMI is professional.

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

With a process-centric culture that lays utmost emphasis on business performance, GMItians are trained to face wide-ranging business areas, tough market conditions and prevalent competitive environment with the highest level of patience and maturity. Teamwork and transparency form an integral part of GMI’s work ethics, motivating GMItians to excel and ensure client satisfaction even under the most critical circumstances. GMI is versatile and tough – you can count on us.

‘Sky is the limit’

GMI has always measured its success in terms of the success of its clients, exceeding its projections every quarter irrespective of global economic conditions. With systematically calculated business risk mitigation strategies, GMI continued its performance during the initial global recession period, providing fledging businesses with dependable product engineering & infrastructure. With its quality-focused solutions, GMI has achieved numerous technological breakthroughs in the process of maintaining desired levels of customer satisfaction. GMI is here to stay. For GMI, sky is the limit.

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