Creating an application – 5 dominant app development phases to behold

The worldwide statistics of mobile app usage and downloads are drastically showing the mobile nature of future. One of two businessmen is thinking to take mobile app development policy as the fruitful deal for their growth of businesses.

The statista report says, in 2017, worldwide mobile app downloads are expected to reach approximately 268.29 billion. Over the recent time, businessmen and service providers have not taken mobile app development lightly to become a spectator of business expansion.

With near about 2 million applications in Google play store as well as in the apple’s app store, you need to consider the visibility of your app as an essential objective to be fulfilled. Thus, it is very important to know the app development phases to accommodate the upcoming tech needs.

To make your application reachable and accomplishing the user objectives through it, here is a brief look at the app development phases that will help you better understand how your application become winning from a stand.

If you own any business or store, or a service providing sector, it is always being counted as momentous move to look for enhancement through the optimum usage of mobile applications. In this cut-throat competition era, let’s make mobile app development as a profitable venture.

Dive deep into the ocean of research and requirement:

Without a doubt, the online presence of businesses makes sense everywhere at a present moment. But lacking in preplanning or proper requirement gathering would not make a clear destination. Before you begin your app design and development, well-designed and certain accumulation of the requirements will make further steps unambiguous in nature. Try to find out answers for below questions:

What is your app about?

What is your market niche?

Who is going to use this app?

What are the functions you want to incorporate in the app?

What are the benefits users will get?

Do you know your focused and primary objective of an app?

Have you decided the approximate app development budget?

When are you entering in play store with your application?

Have you thought about the promotion and marketing of your app?

Aforementioned are the questions, you need to answer first before you proceed towards design and development phase. Requirement gathering and reorganization of your actual needs should be precise and well-defined.

Let’s plan towards appealing UX and design:

Here, you need to define the all over functionalities and features your app should have. Decide your application platform and involve the technical as well as the design team to prepare your blueprints. Determine the financial as well as technical feasibility to make the development flow smoother and robust from the core.

 Decide how your app should work gathering different plan of actions:

This is your first prior step before starting actual development of your app. covering all the aspects and data flow scenarios you need to be ready with the prototype. Also, try to do maximum and major changes at this phase as envisioned. No doubt, you can modify further but, one change reflects everywhere and it costs much in terms of time and funds.

Yeah, here app development begins!

After defining the UX (User Experience) and UI (User element) of your app, this is the phase of coding the functions. Progressive and end-to-end development approach would provide the precision along with robust traceability of development process.

Let’s go to the final destination-app store!

Congratulations, your app is built. But ensure you have tested it from all the perspectives and tried different taste cases to make it error-free. Additionally, your application should be scalable enough to adopt the changes and operating well in every condition. Write an appropriate description of features and design pixel-perfect screenshots to make your space in play store. Don’t forget to make appealing app marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

So, these app development phases will help you out right from the requirement engineering to the testing and launching of your app. Now, you know the entire phases of successful application development; let’s start with your revolutionary app development idea!

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