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GMI focus has been in creating specialized expertise in the areas of Internet Explorer toolbars; browser helper objects (BHOs) and plugins development.

GMI has created a niche by architecting and developing complex toolbar applications that can dynamically format themselves at runtime, based on the browsed web page, as well as modest one button toolbars. Smart and compact add on custom controls that are implemented within a toolbar, elaborate dropdown menus, scrolling windows, animated buttons, search text boxes, radio controls provide applications that service a wide variety of user needs. Based on a generic framework, these toolbars can be creatively customized to meet the specific business models and support a broad spectrum of platform combinations.

Custom IE Toolbar Development IE plugins: Our area of expertise is custom IE toolbar development & IE plugins development but that doesn’t limit us from mastering other areas of Windows and IE type development. GMI has devoted extensive research and development resources in evolving dynamic toolbars which auto-format based upon a server side stimulus. These stimuli may have varied forms like remote XML files, scripts, documents or any other generic content permitting realtime changes to be reflected on the toolbar.

IE plugins Development: When customized and tuned perfectly, enhance user experience providing them access to personalized content and products. Tightening security controls, saving precious time and satisfying varied entertainment needs are some of the positive offsets of ingeniously using plugins.

Custom Firefox Development, Firefox Extensions, Firefox Toolbars: With the advent and acceptance of new browsers like Firefox and OS’s like Mac, compatibility issues are no longer add ons but necessities. In its quest to provide cross OS and browser compatible applications, GMI has devised patches that can enable these tools to work on multiple platforms.

GMI has carved a niche for itself in developing toolbars for IE and Firefox: GMI launches the upgraded version of its popular “Total toolbar” boasting of advanced features and providing seamless integration with custom controls. Built on a robust yet highly flexible architecture, Total toolbar empowers both the general users and the developer community to customize this versatile application. Featuring imaginative dropdown menus, scrolling windows, animated buttons, search text boxes and radio controls, Total toolbar is compatible for all IE versions including the latest IE 7, IE 8.0 and IE 6.

Custom Toolbar Development

Custom Toolbar Development

Its new and innovative features are :

1. Skins – Add a dash of color and choose the skin that matches your personality.
toolbar development-total toolbar
2. Buttons – Users can add/delete/modify as many TABs as he/she likes.
3. API Based Toolbar Operations – Option to integrate with any other products and dynamic display of content.
4. Search box features – Multiple search engines can be added to the toolbar.
5. Drag & Drop Files/Folders – Drag and manage files, folders and shortcuts.
6. Plug-ins – Publish your own custom built plug-ins.
7. Alerts – Be the first to know about the latest happenings and events.

System Requirements –

  • Windows 2000/xp/vista
  • Internet explorer 5 and above
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