Dot Net Application Development – The Best Practices to Develop Easy to Use Apps

Normally it’s easy to develop dot net applications but what is difficult is to develop the user-friendly apps. Yes, only those applications which can provide greater flexibility and ease of use, are capable to draw the attention of the users. It is seen that the developers often neglect the usability factor when building applications. They leave this to the user interface designers. But this should not be the case. Every developer should consider using a few good practices and usability tricks which can greatly improve their efforts towards the process of best dot net application development.

Dot Net Application Development

The blog highlights some of the best things a dot net developer should keep in mind to develop easy to use apps.

1. Consider developing accessible applications which can imply to all sorts of audience. For example, if a person is impaired in either of the ways like visual, cognitive, motor or hearing. Your application must be accessible to even this sort of audience. It’s not very difficult to develop apps incorporating accessible designs but with only a few changes to HTML, CSS or other elements this can be achieved easily. Resources are available on the internet for learning the accessible app design techniques. By referring these one can definitely develop user-friendly apps.

2. Prevent your users having to dig in through the app for the information or commands they are looking for. Never make them work hard for their tasks because users will not like this and will review your app in app stores poorly. Add few good features like Visual Studio Quick Launch so that users can search for commands by just typing the name or synonym of the command. Make their search process easier with special features enabled in your app.

3. Consistency is the important thing to keep in mind. Never waver from the aesthetics of development as this can frustrate or confuse your users. Always design the apps with consistent style paradigms similar to those of the host operating system.

4. Maintaining the same navigation style throughout the application is important because this will give the users quick access to the commands or information they are looking for. Always use simple and clear navigation styles in your apps that go best with host OS paradigms. This would be good for the new users or those who are not techno-friendly.

5. Responsive design is what every dot net application Development Company should be doing in order to enhance the usability of their apps. Responsive interfaces are accessible all kinds of devices and hence, are considered to be more useful than the traditional applications that were designed for a specific device.

6. The best approach towards user friendly dot net application development is the minimalist or right to the point design which gives the right and required choices to the users as per the context. Simple, straight forward apps which present the choices as required to the user are more appealing rather than those providing the lot of rarely used choices.

Hence, all the above stated practices are a few good ways of developing dot net applications that are user friendly. By adopting these, one can easily develop applications which can appeal to the larger group of audience.

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