eCommerce Web Development : What Trends To Follow In 2013?

Today, E-commerce is growing at much higher than you might have thought about. If you see the recent quarterly reports, you will find that in the first quarter of the year 2013 in-store sales grew 3.2% only. On the other hand, eCommerce sales show strong growth of almost 20%. If you see mobile eCommerce it is even higher than conventional eCommerce – it has managed to grow almost 31% in the first quarter of 2013, according to the IBM research. Have a look at the graphical representation of it.

eCommerce Web Development

On the other hand, if you try to take a look at the global figures, it is quite impressive! In the year 2013, people across the world are predicted to spend $1.2 trillion while making Asia Pacific the number one market. In such a highly growing eCommerce market, it has become imperative for the online store owners follow the latest trends to keep up the pace with the competitors. With this thought in mind, today we’re going to explore possible eCommerce trends that an online store should follow in the year 2013 to stay ahead.

Multi-channel shopping will revolutionize the shopping experience…
Cross channel and multi-channel retail experience have become a part of today’s day-to-day business. According to Mark Lewis, almost 10-15% of the global internet traffic comes from mobile and one out of three consumer research during their shopping over the online shopping stores. Today, customers use all the channels. Therefore, online retailers should try to enable multi-channel experience to stay ahead of the rivals in the near future.

It will be crucial to rate and review the social media to improve the purchase…

How you can monetize social media to improve the online purchase? That is the main question at this time. Most of the online shopping decisions are heavily influenced by the online reviews from the retailers’ websites 2012, more than it was it in the year 2010. Ratings have become more crucial than the conventional opinions of relatives or colleagues and therefore, marketers should make a move towards concentrating more on ratings and reviews in the year 2013. The days are gone when social media was the only important thing for the online retailers. It is now time to build brand awareness to get more conversion.

Providing great customer experience matters a lot!
From the beginning of eCommerce web development, great user experience is the only aim of the online store owners. However, by seeing the current, it is going to be more important for the online store owners bring the best out of their online store and provide a great customer experience. Organizations will have to be more focused on improving their customer relationship management and reward potential customers.

When you will be able to satisfy your customers, they are going to recommend it to the rest of their contacts, which is a great way to enhance the branding power of your online store. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that it is easy to retain the existing customers rather than trying to win the new ones.

What are the eCommerce trends that will rule in the coming years? Have you ever tried to focus on the above discussed points? Share your experiences in the comments…!

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