Factors that Effect Performance of Enterprise PHP Applications

Top performing applications are what every enterprise desires to have for its necessities. There are certain factors that drive up the performance of PHP based applications for entrepreneurial needs and they are as follows.

PHP Application Development

Business Transactions:
PHP application development calls for developing user-friendly applications that are easy to use and can provide a great user experience for the users. Business transactions are an effective way of measuring the performance cum user experience of a PHP application. Measuring the behavior of your business transactions can give you lot of information that can help you in determining what factors are necessary to modify in order to scale up your applications. So, instead of learning about the CPU usage or memory consumed by your application, it’s better to learn whether the users are able to complete their business transactions with the application or not. Such information about the real-time experience gained by the users while employing the application in real-time can give better solutions for the performance issues rising from the application. Measuring the response time of a business transaction along with the response time of its constituents and then comparing these response times with baseline that best meets your business requirements will help you determine the performance of a business transaction which in turn can help you in determining the performance of enterprise applications. Hence, one needs to understand business transactions with applications possibly in order to understand the performance of an enterprise application.

Internal Dependencies:
An application may have to depend on many internal resources like a backend database, a caching layer, or possibly even a queue server for its functioning. The calls to these internal resources and their response time to these calls can be a factor to effect the application performance. Measuring and optimizing this response time can help improve the performance of an application significantly. Moreover, every PHP application would have a backend support and latency to these backend services can also be a major factor affecting the performance of a PHP application.

External Calls:
In addition to internal calls and backend services, sometimes your application may make calls to external third party web APIs. The time taken by these APIs to respond to your application’s call would be a major factor in determining the performance of your application. Hence, these are the external dependencies on which application depends and may be in various forms. We need to configure these external dependencies properly in order to get better performing applications. We need to learn about the working of these dependencies when they are working right and when not and should also be able to differentiate between problems with dependencies and problems in application in order to get on the right track for high performance PHP application development process.

Caching will help to serve the request of your application for an object right from the memory of the client PC rather than making a network for object retrieval from the server. This saves up lot of time for request handling and hence, drastically improves the performance of the application. But however, caching can also have some problems in its own way and hence, it is required to configure cache properly. Some common problems with cache can be overloading of cache with excess data and improper sizing of the cache. Measure the cache performance and deal with issues earlier.

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