Future of C# Application Development For Business

C# was developed by Microsoft as a part of its .NET initiative. C# first came in 2000, and over the years has seen great acceptance and can be used to create great software. C# application development is a flourishing industry. Ever since 2000, there are so many language features and so many libraries that C# can now be used to develop feature packed software and today, there are so many reasons why businesses see this as a perfect solution for their development requirements. It’s literally becoming a software development standard!

Here are some undeniable reasons why C# application development is so popular amongst businesses as well as developers.

C# is literally becoming an industry standard

C# is not only platform agnostic, but also runtime agnostic. It was designed that way. Well, C# can be designed to run on any runtime architecture. Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is the heart of .NET and C# combined with other standards like ECMA can create wonders for web development like .NET framework.

Future of C# Application Development For Business

What and How of C#

C# is a language that took the best from C and C++ . It also took the best from Java. The result was this modern programming languages that did not have the drawbacks of the former three. C# is a great object oriented language. It has support for concept of properties eg. data members as well as other common elements of object-oriented programming. C# also supports events, declared values and reference types, operator overloading, and delegates etc.

Managed Code

C# programs have managed code. This means that the result of compilation of a C# program produces a program containing embedded CIL instructions. Not the native machine instructions. CLR is responsible for converting the code to machine executable code. It also handles most of the infrastructure services such as garbage collection, heap and object lifetime management, and type verification etc.

Learning Curve

C and C++ are enough background to understand and catch up with C# application development concepts. Basic familiarity with Java Script is good. C# is a fairly easy learning curve for those with a little knowledge of basic C programming.

C# is a great development language to create secure, high performance applications. Skilled C# programmers can convert your ideas to actually working programs. C# is also widely used to create mobile apps.

C# has a great beginning. It did rise to popularity and it’s currently literally indispensible. C# does have a bright future in the field of software development and locating the right resources for getting your software up and running is not very difficult these days. C and C++ saw great success. And C# is definitely here to stay. It will evolve over time and include all the features you would wish to see in your web or mobile application too.

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